Tuesday, May 6 – Parking Lot!

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family,

I have been told that our parking lot will be turned into rubble tomorrow. We will have our regular Bible Study and prayer time, but you are likely going to want to park at McDermott and come in our east doors or park on Cottage and walk through the parsonage yard. This inconvenience is exciting because it means this long-anticipated project is going to happen.

Some prayer reminders:

– The Dale Struska family is driving home today. Kim has a scheduled chemo treatment tomorrow. Pray that she is healthy enough for the treatment.

– Kathy Riedel’s memorial service is at Zacherl Funeral home Thursday at 4p. Pray for John and his family. John has said he would like to be back in church.

– Pray for our church families. Pray for dads and moms to be men and women of God. Pray for children to be submissive like Jesus was.

Embracing Truth,