Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I can’t help myself. I am truly excited about what God is doing at Trinity Baptist. We are having good attendance and good offerings. People from the community comment positively to me upon the work we are doing whenever I am out and about. But these things are not what I find most exciting. I have recently felt a great freedom in preaching, like God is carrying us along for His great glory. I am excited about the growth I observe in the Christianity of many. I am excited about an improved spirit. May God get the glory!

This is VBS week. We had no regular Sunday evening service and will not have a regular Wednesday evening service. About 40 young children are attending Bible Boot Camp. In addition a dozen teens are under the leadership of Pastor Shaeffer and working with our adult teachers. The teens are not only serving here, but are preparing to serve at Calvary Baptist Fellowship in Sturgeon Bay next week. Please pray for visitors and the salvation of children in Fond du Lac and Sturgeon Bay.

On Saturday, our mission team heads to Door County. Pastor Gerry Marsden has repeatedly told us that their church is thrilled we are coming to help them. They currently have two children who attend their church. Pray for us to make contacts on Saturday that will result in VBS attenders next week.

I am planning to drive up on Saturday to help with the visitation in Sturgeon Bay. I will leave at 7:30a and return sometime after 3:00p. Would you like to ride along and spend a few hours looking for children who might attend Bible Boot Camp at Calvary Baptist Fellowship? Contact me if you’d like to come along.

Pray for one another. The Devil hates it when we love and care for each other. Pray for Janet as she adjusts to Keith’s absence. She told me yesterday on our way home from Keith’s committal that she has lost her driver’s license. Could you perhaps check up on her and see if she needs anything? Tony McCrary is in the Lutheran Home.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Last evening in our adult Bible study and prayer time led by David Olson, we were asked to name someone for whose salvation we are praying. Twenty-four names were quickly offered. We were challenged by the life of Nicodemus that sometimes it takes time to bring someone to Jesus. Oh how we need to pray … and how we need to speak of Jesus when we have opportunity.

Please pray for our service opportunity at the Kohler picnic tomorrow and Saturday. Pray first, that we would be a testimony of Jesus. Veteran staff members know of our faith. Then also pray things will run smoothly. There are many details in pulling off something like this and we are in the middle of it all.

As I go around town, people – some I don’t even recognize – greet me and tell me how nice our property looks. (Someone has even nominated us to the Fond du Lac County Natural Beauty Council for a Beautification Award!) Many within our Congregation have expressed to me how new and nice our building looks. And it’s not done yet! The grass is just coming up and boulders in the stones along the building are planned for later in the fall. I don’t expect our church to grow greatly because of our roof and parking lot projects, but I do believe Trinity Baptist has done a good thing for our reputation and the cause of Christ in Fond du Lac in completing these needed projects.

Often in church committee meetings I am told I should speak more about our church finances. I don’t like to for several reasons, but here goes. First, I rejoice in the good general offerings and giving to extra projects we have had so far this summer. My largest personal concern right now is our school’s cash flow. Pray for parents to be able to keep up with their tuition commitments. At our congregational meeting in September, I believe we are going to show our new construction loan to be at about $65,000. You will remember that at our annual meeting we budgeted for interest-only payments on this loan. At our September 10th Congregational meeting, I believe we will present a Finance Committee endorsed plan to satisfy that loan. (Hint: it will be accomplished by continued donations to our parking lot fund.) I ask that you continue to be faithful in your giving and consider what God might have you to do for our school’s Patriot Booster fund and/or for our Parking Lot fund.

Sunday morning I will be in Micah 2-3. Sunday evening we have VBS.

Embracing Truth,


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I rejoice for the opportunity we had to participate in Keith Russell’s memorial service. Over 100 people were in attendance. Relatives came from all over the country. Friends from Trinity Baptist, from other churches they have attended as well as many friends from the community came to remember Keith’s life. The congregational singing was inspiring. I felt great liberty in ministry as I preached on our image-bearing responsibilities from Psalm 8.

Pray for Janet to be comforted and for grace for her as she makes the necessary adjustments in her life.

Sue Struska entered the hospital yesterday with plans to receive her 6th chemo treatment. Because of pain in her abdomen and back and a cough, the treatment was delayed while they ran some tests. The oncologist told them today that he feels that her pain is a result of tiny blood blots throughout her body. He also told them that he sees no sign of the tumor or cancer and that a 6th chemo will not be needed at this time. Bill and Sue will stay at the hospital until they can get rid of her pain. She was having an ultrasound today.

Continue to pray for health and healing for Kim Struska. Pray for children to attend and for effective ministry at both our VBS this next week and the mission trip VBS in Sturgeon Bay the following week.

Sarah will leave Brechin, Scotland to begin her trek back home about 10:30p tonight our time. Pray for safety and secure connections. She and I hope to be back from O’Hare in time for church tomorrow evening.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Keith Russell

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family,

It is with sadness that I tell you that Keith Russell passed away today. He got to see Jesus. I am sad, yet happy for Keith. Please ask God to give grace and strength to Janet and their family. (Keith’s sister is driving up from Florida. They also have several nieces in the area.)

I have no information about a memorial service at this time.

Pray also for Janet and the changes that will come to her life at this time.

Embracing Truth,


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: My copier is jammed. Wait, you don’t understand. This is also the printer for my computer. A jammed copier means no scanning, order of service work, no committee print offs, no handouts for VBS, no nothing. It means every project I begin has a stopping place. It would seem I can complete nothing this morning!

And then I rebuke myself and remember: God made me and loves me, Jesus died for me and I am His own, I live freely in a wonderful country, I am blessed with family and ministry, and I am physically well. The copier jam is an inconvenience, but I have no reason for anger or even frustration.

Keith Russell went back to St. Agnes on Monday. He was resting well yesterday. He has a staph infection that does not respond to antibiotics. This seems to be making it difficult for him to breath. Please pray for strength and grace for he and Janet.

Sue Struska begins her 6th and last scheduled chemo treatment on Monday.

Lin and I are taking a few vacation days and will not be at Bible study tonight. Doug needs to be gone too. David Olson has agreed to take the adult Bible study and prayer time this evening.

Beth just came in and fixed the copier. I guess I really don’t have a reason to complain.

Embracing Truth, Pastor