Wednesday, May 24, 20176

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I rejoice in the goodness of God. I was blessed by the ministry of Dave & Patti West on Sunday. I look forward to hearing of the start up of a new Bible college in Argentina. Then, I was convicted by the Word of God on Sunday evening as we considered our role as a priest before God.

On Monday, I traveled with Curt Carter, Charlie Leeds, and Regan Martin to Rockford to attend a conference where we heard 7 sermons. A couple of hundred were there and I was able to speak with many good friends from all over the Midwest. The theme of the day was a celebration of the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation.

Let me know if you would be interested in attending conferences like this. The next one is the annual meetings of the New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Churches and the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship. This combined event will be held at Maranatha Baptist University and Calvary Baptist Church in Watertown on June 12-14th. I intend to attend parts of this meeting and will be driving back and forth rather than staying there for the whole time.

Pray for one another. Pray for healing for families. Pray for wisdom for God’s people.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Prayer Requests for 5-17-17

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family –

We have Bible study and prayer time tonight at 7p. Here are some prayer requests I will share tonight:

– Tony McCrary is recovering from hip replacement surgery.

– Bev Baum has had some heart trouble. She has a stress test scheduled for May 31

– Jean Jones deals with a lot of pain. Jean has the added responsibility of caring for Jim with his growing dementia.

– Sue Struska goes in for her 5th chemo this week.

– Last Thursday’s MRI showed no significant changes for Kimberly Struska. So her current chemo treatments will continue. Pray for strength and continued recovery from surgeries and previous treatments.

– We have a School Committee meeting tomorrow evening. Pray for wisdom for parents, staff, and committee members as plans are made for next year.

– Tim and Briana Shular are moving into Carter’s home on Saturday evening. Pray for the loading, the trip, and the unloading. Help is needed at Carters at 7p.

– Praise God for partial answer to the Troester’s request conc3rning their building in Mozambique. Pray for doors to open as they work to build a church building.

– The Peace family leaves for furlough on June 21st.

– Our preacher this Sunday is Missionary David West.

– Pray for families who are hurting with damaged relationships.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Obadiah 1-9: Pride

Obadiah 1-9: Pride
Do you insist on keeping idols in your life? What is it about our self that stops us from bring one with the body of Christ? Pastor continues his walk through the Minor Prophets by starting Obadiah.


Amos – Prepare to Meet Your God

Amos – Prepare to Meet Your God
What can we learn from the Minor Prophets and their messages to Israel? Listen now as Pastor explains God message to Israel informing them of their end.


Thursday, May 4

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family; We had a wonderful evening last night at Awana Awards. David counted 116 and I think most of those joined us first at the Hot Dog Buffet. Pastor Shaeffer preached about grace. Commander Tony Braker gave us a good report on our Awana year and talked about changes taking place in classes and curriculum for next year. Many book awards were given out. I rejoice in all the verse memorized and principles from God’s Word learned.

We have a Men’s Prayer breakfast this Saturday, 8a. If you are not signed up and plan to come, please contact me by Friday noon so I can be prepared.

Embracing Truth, Pastor