Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I pray you had a great Memorial Day. I spent much of the day working in my yard. It was refreshing to my soul and spirit. I look forward to the blossoming of my labors!

Here are some prayer requests/updates

– Sue Struska came home from her chemo treatments on Sunday afternoon. There were fewer complications this time than last. However, the doctors are seeing some things that cause concern and may add to or change her future treatment. Pray that what they saw will go away and that her next chemo will be her last. Pray for full recovery.

– Dale and Kim are on a trip out west with their children. Pray for their safety on the road. Kim was not able to have her last bi-weekly chemo treatment because her liver had not recovered enough from the last one. Pray for her strength, that her treatments can resume, and that God will be glorified in her healing.

– TBS staff met today to work on curriculum orders for next year.

– Kathy Riedel is very weak and likely in her last days on this earth. Pray for strength and grace for John and their family.

– Keith Russell has been in the hospital with pneumonia since Saturday. They were changing medications today in hopes of making him stronger. Janet is with him. Pray for grace and strength for them and wisdom for the doctors.

– Bev Baum has a stress test tomorrow. Pray that the doctors will know how to help her heart.

– Our church annual meeting is this Sunday evening.

– Pray for strength for Jean Jones and Tom Murray as they care for their spouses.

– Zeke and Hannah are traveling here from MT on Saturday/Sunday.

– Pray for the preaching of God’s Word at TBC.

– Pray for our country and its leadership.

– Pray for repentance and revival in your heart.

Embracing Truth,