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Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Have you known a preschool child who seems to be continually asking “why?” They can be exhausting. I hope you have grown in your theology concerning our asking “why” of God as we have walked through Habakkuk. I have richly benefitted from this little book.

On Sunday afternoon Lin and I headed to northwestern Wisconsin where we joined many from all over Wisconsin and Minnesota for the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches. I have the responsibility of being the treasurer of this organization and needed to be at a board meeting on Monday morning. We heard great preaching and enjoyed renewing fellowship with many – including Pastor Rory! Today we are back home and have a week’s work to do with less time. Sound familiar?

Continue to pray for Kim, Sue, and Tony. Pray for the ministries of our church and for people to receive Jesus. Pray for baptisms and for people to be led to be a part of this ministry. Pray for us as a church to grow in our obedience to the Word of God.

Andy Buhrow will be presenting the ministry of Baptist for Life during the teen/adult Sunday School hour this Sunday. Then he will bring a challenge after church dinner. Yes, it’s the last Sunday of September already!

I look forward to your fellowship this evening at Awana and Bible study.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

September 10, 2017 – The LORD’s Day

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Are you ready for the LORD’s Day? I am! Tomorrow morning we are going to be in Habakkuk 2. I’ve titled the sermon “By Faith or In Pride?” We also have Lord’s Table in the morning service.

During our 8:45a Sunday School hour, we are beginning a new adult series on II Corinthians titled “Be Encouraged!” Also, Sunday is promotion Sunday, so about half of our young people will be in new classes tomorrow.

In the evening service, we have this quarter’s Congregational Meeting. We will give reports on attendance, finances, projects, and missions. As I was preparing these reports I was encouraged at what God is doing in this place. Written reports will be available on the back tables in the morning.

Several weeks ago, Missionary Nestor Lubuguin was here. He spoke of a camp they are building in the Philippines and the need for funds to build a shelter for athletic activities. After our Lord’s Table in the morning, we are going to take a special offering for that camp.

Pray for one another.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Baptisms, trees, prayers, and more!

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I have too much to share. I hope you have a minute. I’ll keep it as short as possible. First I want to rejoice over the wonderful Lord’s day we had. The Peace family were again a great blessing to me. Lloyd preached a profound sermon Sunday morning. I am remembering that I need to serve, even when it is inconvenient. Also, what fun to be part of baptizing Andrew Marsh and Micah Struska!

Trees that have been hiding our church and some that were causing damage were removed today. You will like the way our church looks. It really opens it up.

Sue Struska is on her way home! After over 4 weeks of hospitalization, Bill and Sue are returning to Fond du Lac today. Bill and Sue have decided to not have any chemo treatments. At this stage of Sue’s cancer, any such treatments would not be curative. Pray for her pain to be removed and for her to manage the discomfort resulting from her surgery and treatments. Pray for God to be glorified and for Sue and her family to know the presence and grace of Jesus. And pray that God might surprise us all and heal Sue.

Continue to pray for Kim. They have chosen to enter another experimental chemo treatment. Oral surgery and healing from that surgery must come first.

Tony McCrary is at the Lutheran Home in Fond du Lac. Pray for his infection to leave and for healing from this 3rd hip surgery. If all goes well, he will have another one in November.

Continue to pray for Carol Purcell and Bev Baum.

Tomorrow evening is the beginning of another Awana season. Pray for leaders to be ready and faithful and for Clubbers to be prepared to grow in their faith. Pray for some to be saved!

Also tomorrow evening we are beginning a new study for those teens and adults who are not working in Awana. I am going to tackle the book of Isaiah. We will hold these Bible studies and a prayer time at the parsonage. I’ll have the coffee on at 6:30p and we will begin our study at 6:45p. We will stop soon enough for a time of prayer.

Sunday morning we have Lord’s Table. Sunday evening is our quarterly Congregational meeting and we will hear from Richard and Cari Woughter – the missionaries who hosted our mission team in Nicaragua.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Men’s Prayer Breakfast and More!

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: If you are planning to attend tomorrow morning’s Men’s Prayer Breakfast, please let me know as soon as possible today so I can be prepared.

Continue to pray for Kim, Sue, and Tony. Pray also for both the victims and rescue workers in Houston.

We are preveleged to have Lloyd and Athena Peace and their family at Trinity for the weekend. I am looking forward to a great blessing in all the services on Sunday.

Sunday School Promotion Sunday will be on September 10th. We will also have Lord’s Table that morning and our Congregational meeting that evening.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Prayer, Praise, and a Picnic!

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I pray you are rejoicing in the goodness of God. No matter the circumstances of our life, we need to trust that God is good.

Continue to pray for miracles of healing in the lives of Sue and Kim Struska. Sue learned this week that her cancer is stage 4. They are discussing palliative care. To complicate any treatment, she is fighting an infection as she recovers from last Tuesday’s surgery.

Tony McCrary went into the hospital on Saturday. He has been moved to Holy Family Memorial Hospital in Manitowoc. He will have surgery on Monday where they will remove his newly installed hip to clean out a persistent infection. The plan would be to put in a temporary hip now and a permanent one in 3 months. Pray for his surgery and his recovery. He hopes to be back in Fond du Lac by the end of the week.

Pray for strength and healing for Jim Jones, LeAnn Murray, Janet Russell, Carol Purcell, and Bev Baum.

Praises? We rejoice in a good first week at Trinity Baptist School. We added two new students in recent weeks so we are up from last year! We also rejoice with Bob Laudolff on his new job starting Monday with the Oshkosh Public Schools. Rejoice that Ross Purcell passed his 5 year mark from his cancer this week. Rejoice that we have had two young men follow Jesus in Baptism in the past two Sundays. Rejoice that God has blessed many who have been faithful to generously give to this ministry.

Sunday is our August church dinner and our annual church picnic. After church we will light a grill at McDermott. Bring meat to grill/share and a dish or two for our buffet. I’ll have lemon-aide, ice water, and table service. After lunch, plan on playing corn hole or kick ball or just enjoying the time of relaxation as a church family. We will pray and start lunch at 12:30p. There are tables in the shelter, but a comfortable lawn chair is a good idea.

Embracing Truth, Pastor