May Day!

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family – It’s May Day! Wikipedia has a long article on the ancient and varied traditions of May Day. A generation ago in America, May Day was a fun day in the spring when you put a basket of goodies or flowers on the doorstep of a neighbor, then rang their doorbell and ran! On this cold day, I hope you make a reason to bring joy to someone!

We had a full weekend at TBC. First, on Saturday morning more than a couple of dozen were at the building to help with spring repairs and cleaning. We had chair washing, chair repair, light repairs, light bulb changing, carpet cleaning, music organizing, stump removal, chimney repair, kitchen cleaning, vacuuming, junk removal, painting, dusting, furnace room cleaning, and window washing take place. I praise the Lord for the many willing servants who came.

Then, yesterday we had a good crowd staying for our monthly church dinner. I can’t remember the last time we were short on food. Yesterday was no exception. We had more than enough good food.

And I really liked our missionary yesterday – Phil and Jessica Coolbaugh. They were a real blessing to me personally. I like singing near Phil in the morning service and watching him punch at the theologically sound words he was singing. And his preaching was good. Phil and Jessica’s burden and conviction concerning the work in Toronto to which God has called them was challenging to me. I hope we are able to partner with them some day.

And the week continues. Wednesday is Awana Awards night. Now, I know to some of you that means it’s a night off – a night that does not pertain to you. I understand. But I’d like to encourage you to come for the fellowship and to be an encouragement to our Awana Clubbers and leaders. I promise you that you will be a blessing to someone if you come. We will have a Hot Dog Buffet at 5:30p and the Awards begin with a devotional by Pastor Shaeffer at 6:30p. The buffet will have corn dogs, cheese on dogs, dogs in beans, sauerkraut on dogs, and all the good condiments. There will be chips, desserts, and soda. OK, so it’s not the Ritz, but you’ll find something tasty. I promise.

Remember, it’s not about you. It’s about Jesus. What’s about Jesus? Everything in your life ought to be about Jesus.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Church Work Day and Church Dinner this weekend!

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I pray you have enjoyed your privilege of serving the King of kings this week. We have a busy weekend ahead of us. The Building/Grounds Committee has established this Saturday as a spring work day. We have plans to wash windows, chairs, walls, and make repairs. We have light bulbs to change and garbage to toss. We have scheduled this for 9a to noon on Saturday, May 29th. This is fun for the whole family! Come and work with your kids. The Building/Grounds Committee should come at 8a to review what needs to be done.

Then, Sunday is Church Dinner Day. Missionary Phil Coolbaugh and his family are our guests for Sunday School and the challenge after church dinner. Bring what your family will eat and a little extra and come for a good day. I will finish my preaching from Amos in the morning service.

“I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord.’”

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Easter Morning: John 17 – Glory

Easter Morning: John 17 – Glory
Israel failed to give God the glory He deserves. Do you as a Christian manifest the power of the Holy Spirit that brought Jesus back to life in your life today?


Pastor Shaeffer’s Medical Test

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: First, I want to praise the Lord for a good Lord’s Day. I can’t put my finger on just one thing, but I rejoiced last evening to know that God was working among us yesterday.

For many weeks. Jeremy Shaeffer has been suffering from a lot of different physical pains. He spent Wednesday evening in the Emergency Room because these pains were becoming more severe and troublesome. The tests run last week were all negative. He had an upper endoscopy scheduled for several weeks from now that got moved up to today. Jeremy’s fear was that he had the cancer his dad had. The scope found no cancer, but a hiatal hernia that is acting like a cancer. At this time he is going to be taking some medications that should alleviate his pain.

We should praise the Lord that Jeremy did not hear the news he dreaded. We also should continue to pray for him that he and his doctors will figure out how to take care of this.

I spent my day today attending 3 back-to-back meetings with leaders from the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools. The meetings today reminded me again of the truth I preached last night. This Christian life is hard work! Christian Education is hard work. Both our sanctification and the godly education of youth are contrary to our natural man. It’s a daily uphill climb. So lace up your boots and and by the Spirit’s help have a great week!

Embracing Truth,


2017 Bible Conference – Dr. Wayne Vawter

Our Spring 2017 Bible Conference featured Dr. Wayne Vawter. Dr. Vawter previously pastored at Rocklake Baptist Church in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Currently, he is the WFBC missions director. In this Bible Conference, Dr. Vawter focused on our commitment to Christ and the church.

1. Sunday School

2. Sunday Evening

3. Monday Evening

4. Tuesday Evening