Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: My copier is jammed. Wait, you don’t understand. This is also the printer for my computer. A jammed copier means no scanning, order of service work, no committee print offs, no handouts for VBS, no nothing. It means every project I begin has a stopping place. It would seem I can complete nothing this morning!

And then I rebuke myself and remember: God made me and loves me, Jesus died for me and I am His own, I live freely in a wonderful country, I am blessed with family and ministry, and I am physically well. The copier jam is an inconvenience, but I have no reason for anger or even frustration.

Keith Russell went back to St. Agnes on Monday. He was resting well yesterday. He has a staph infection that does not respond to antibiotics. This seems to be making it difficult for him to breath. Please pray for strength and grace for he and Janet.

Sue Struska begins her 6th and last scheduled chemo treatment on Monday.

Lin and I are taking a few vacation days and will not be at Bible study tonight. Doug needs to be gone too. David Olson has agreed to take the adult Bible study and prayer time this evening.

Beth just came in and fixed the copier. I guess I really don’t have a reason to complain.

Embracing Truth, Pastor


Friday, June 30

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: On the first Sunday of the month we normally have Lord’s Table and we will this month. We often take up a benevolent offering as part of that service. The Outreach Committee has suggested that our benevolent offerings for the next month or two go towards our mission trip. We have 4 adults and 8 teens going to Sturgeon Bay, WI to put on a VBS for Calvary Baptist Fellowship. Costs for this work include gas, food, and miscellaneous VBS supplies. In addition to praying for this outreach, perhaps you would consider giving to Sunday’s offering or designating funds to this project sometime in July.

The parking lot lines are painted. I think it looks sweet. The dirt and landscaping will to wait until the parking lot sets a bit and it stops raining!

Men’s Prayer breakfast is tomorrow.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Drive on the parking lot! – Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: It is gratifying, as I watch it rain, to watch the water run off the parking lot and into the drains. This is something that has never happened as it should in this parking lot! Never! The lines were to be painted today, but I think the rain has kept this from happening. I understand that the cool weather and rain are good for setting up the asphalt. Please park in our lot for church tonight. Hopefully there will be lines painted by Sunday.

Many of our church family have physical needs: Ross and Carol Purcell, Keith Russell, Tom Michler, LeAnn Murray, Bev Baum, Kim Struska, Sue Struska, and Jim Jones come to my mind. Perhaps I have missed some. Please pray for these. Also remember those who are grieving.

Please bring boxes to church for us to use in building a castle for VBS. We need them by next Wednesday, July 5th. See Beth Braker if you have any questions.

We have Men’s Prayer breakfast this Saturday. Sign up tonight or drop me a note by Friday noon.

Embracing Truth,


Stay Off the Parking Lot Today – Monday

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: My office is a noisy place again today as heavy machinery works our parking lot. The asphalt is being laid today! (This was a long time in coming.) The man I spoke to recommended that we stay off the lot today. So please, if you have any business at the church today, either park at McDermott Park or on Cottage Avenue. We will be able to park here on Wednesday and the lines should be painted before next Lord’s Day!

We have 8 young people attending camp at Northland this week. Jeremy and Tony drove two vehicles to get them and their luggage to camp. Pray for them – that they will be safe and more importantly that they will be spiritually challenged by the preaching and fellowship.

I rejoice in the good day at Trinity Baptist yesterday. I enjoyed the freshness and practicality of the two texts I had. Darryl did a great job in Sunday School. It was chicken, salads, and yummy fluffy desserts for church dinner. Praise God the opportunity to fellowship and be challenged by God’s Word to be more like Jesus.

Embracing Truth,


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: When was the last time you were angry? At whom/what were you angry? Would anyone in your life classify you as an angry person? I am in Jonah 4 tomorrow where Jonah tells God, “I have a right to be angry!” Let me tell you, knowing I am going to preach this tomorrow has made this past week or so a bit of a struggle for me. Several times I have had to ask myself, “Am I angry? With Whom am I really angry? What are the results of my anger?” Well, that’s enough. If I write more you will be able to skip tomorrow’s sermon. See you in church!

The parking lot received its “final grade” on Thursday. I am praying it continues to dry out in anticipation of asphalt on Monday. You are welcome to use our lot tomorrow – remembering that the sidewalks are 3 1/2″ higher now than they will be in 1 week. Be careful when you park.

Sarah is safely in Spain. She had a 4 hour wait on the runway in Chicago, but was able to catch a later connecting flight out of Madrid and is in the right city for her Saturday evening. Thank you to those who remembered to pray for her.

Embracing Truth, Pastor