Boxes and Directories

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: An updated church directory was put in the boxes in the back of the church before Sunday. We attempt to maintain a directory of those who are currently attending our church. And we attempt to have a box in the back of the auditorium for every family listed in that directory.

The boxes have many purposes. Daily Bread devotional books and other good literature are distributed by the church office using the boxes. Worship schedules and nursery schedules are put into the boxes. Sometimes individual members use the boxes to give cards or other encouraging notes to each other. Some will use the directory and boxes to distribute Christmas cards.

There are some things the boxes in the back should NEVER be used for! No one should ever use the boxes as a means to advertise their business. Our first priority in being a people of God is not to make money off each other. It’s not wrong – in fact it is good – to have business relations with people in the church. But we ought not use church resources to promote our private business. Second, no one should ever give someone an anonymous letter in these boxes. Anonymous rebukes are never the wise or spiritual way of handling frustration. And third, the boxes should not be used to campaign for a political goal whether concerning our church business or for the larger community.

As far as I know, it has been a long time since anyone has abused the boxes. My agenda in this letter is not to correct, but rather to encourage the use of the boxes for purposes of spiritual instruction and relationship building.

Check your box!

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Five men and 3 boys gathered for prayer this morning. I believe Our Father was more pleased than I could ever be to hear the burdens of His sons. We had a sweet and encouraging time.

Tonight ends daylight savings for another year. It’s time to “fall back” and gain an hour. Some will consider it another hour to work or have fun. Others will say it is another hour for sleep. I find I fall somewhere in between. What I do know is … it’s a great opportunity to begin new habits. Perhaps you don’t normally participate in Sunday School. Well, tomorrow you have another hour to get into this habit. Or perhaps you desire to read your Bible, but cannot seem to find the time. Tomorrow morning you have another hour. Either way, use this opportunity to begin a habit for good and God in your life. Don’t waste your gifts!

Van Fitch is teaching from 2 Corinthians 6-7 during the adult Bible study tomorrow at 8:45a. In the 10a morning service I am preaching from Titus 2:11-12 “The Grace of God.” It is a Lord’s Supper morning. Then, tomorrow evening Pastor Elijah Windle will be ministering and presenting his burden for Rio Grande Bible Institute. It’s a varied and full day of ministry.

Pray for one another. Love one another.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Voice-Broken by Pastor Leeds

In my experience of rearing children, a few days are watersheds. The most prominent in my mind are potty-trained, driver’s license, and graduation from college. Each of these watersheds grants to the parents a sense of accomplishment and liberty.

Another victory that I celebrated, at least internally, is what I called voice-broken. It was and is a great joy when a small child responds to a simple command with obedience. Sometimes you can even watch the wheels turning in their little minds. “Hmm, he wants me to come to him, but I think I’d rather … but, no, I’ll do what he asks.” Victory! Other times you can watch the child decide to disobey, sometimes by taking off and running exactly in the opposite direction of their obedience.

This week I asked myself this question: am I voice-broken? When I hear my Father’s voice – through reading His Word, in the Spirit’s conviction, in preaching or teaching – how do I respond? What do I do when confronted with God’s truth? Do I obey right away? Do I first consider my options? Do I run in the opposite direction?

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Just a reminder that tomorrow is Church Dinner Day! For you who might not be regular to our church dinners, bring a dish or two of something to share. Drinks and table service are provided. We will eat soon after the morning service ends. After lunch and time to fellowship, we have a short message. Then we clean up the room and go home. On these days we do not have an evening (6:30 p.m.) service. I like these days and almost wish every Sunday was Church Dinner Day.

Pray for one another. Many are hurting physically. Pray for salvation for family members who have turned away from their faith. Pray for God’s Word to make a difference in our hearts tomorrow. Pray for the people of God to encourage one another.

Praise the LORD for His provisions for us.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Pie Auction Results!

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Because I know some will be wondering … the pie auction raised about $2,200 last evening for our Awana Clubs. This money will be used to supplement the money families pay for due, books, and uniforms. It will provide Awana with funds to do extra things – like Awana Olympics and Grand Prix. So praise the Lord and thanks to all who made and purchased pies!

Embracing Truth, Pastor