Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family,: Please forgive me for not writing earlier. So many things crowd this little mind and I forget that I need to take the time to share them with you.

First, let me mention the auction. Praise the LORD for His continued blessing upon our school and those who put in many hours and give much to make this happen. Over $7,000 was raised during the live auction. The silent auction and various gifts from many sources brought the total of all the deposits that are related to the auction to almost $13,000. To the hundreds who participated in one way or another, know that I thank God for you.

We have many hurting to pray for. Bonnie Fiebig has been in the hospital in Madison this week. She was transported to St. Francis here in Fond du Lac today. They have found blood clots in her legs and lungs which are going to prevent for 6 months the procedure that would relieve her pain. They are working to balance her medications to relieve her pain and and to eliminate the clots.

Wayne Rose has had many nose bleeds. They are working to balance his blood pressure medication. They put something in his nasal passages that they will remove Monday. Pray the bleeding has stopped.

Jeremy Shaeffer will have another test tomorrow morning – Friday – to hopefully determine what is causing his abdominal pains. A recent test revealed areas of concern. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and strength for Pastor Shaeffer. He has now been fighting this for about a year.

Pray for the many who have colds and this nasty respiratory flu. Our school seems to be doing better, but I heard last evening that others are now down with it.

Zechariah 1:15 reads, “I am returning to Jerusalem with mercy.” Though I know this applies most directly to another time and people, I also know it teaches me about God. When I repent, God determines to return to me with mercy. “Even so, Come, Lord Jesus.”

Embracing Truth, 

Bonnie Fiebig

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Please pray for Bonnie Fiebig. She is in great pain. They took her to the emergency room in Madison in hopes that perhaps she might have emergency surgery to relieve the pain. Pray for wisdom and great skill for the doctors.

Tonight’s school silent auction begins at 5p. The live auction begins at 7p.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Wednesday, January 25, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I never get sick. Isn’t that what I bragged last week? Famous last words.

Friday is the annual TBS auction. It is held at the school gym. A spaghetti dinner begins at 4:00p. The silent auction is in full swing at 5:00p. Tables will begin closing at 6:10p. And the live auction begins at 7:00p. Come for a full and fun night of entertainment. Spend some money to help our school. Pray for our success.

Sunday is collection day for our Baby Bottle fundraiser we are having for the Charis Pregnancy Help Center. Return your bottles with changes, dollars, and checks! We will turn it all over to Charis this week.

Sunday is church dinner day! Woohoo! Bring food to share and enjoy the fellowship. I am going to bring my Wednesday evening Isaiah study into my Sunday evening opportunities. So if you come to the dinner, you will get an idea of what we are doing on Wednesday evenings at 6:45p at the parsonage.

Pray for the pastor’s wife at Fellowship Baptist in Watertown. Sara Prigge is fighting liver cancer and recent news is not good. Pray for God’s presence to be known in our church this Lord’s Day. Pray for God’s Word to be exalted and convicting.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Friday, January 19, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Kathy Rabe would like us to pray for her mom. Barb Oechsner fell in their home last evening and broke her shoulder. As Dave and Kathy were out of town, she was unsure of all the details. Please pray for healing and for wisdom concerning treatment.

We begin our two-sermon walk through the message of the prophet Haggai this LORD’s day morning. Charlie will continue his series from 1 John in the evening service. May you know the goodness of God and may it shine through you to those you meet.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I was at the grocery store today and the checker was someone I knew and she asked how I was. I replied, “I am well.” She was a bit frustrated with me and replied, “You are always well. Don’t you ever get sick or have any problems? Ever since I have known you, you are ‘well’! I assured her that I do get sick – not often – and I have problems, but that God is always good.

She replied that it’s not always easy to think that God is good and then she began to tell me about a 38 year-old woman she heard about who just died of cancer and this lady has 6 children! I smiled at her and told her that those children are in our church and school and that we had the memorial service for Kim this past Saturday.

I went on and told her how grandparents had come around this family. I told her how 11 children had come for the celebration of her mother-in-law’s memorial. I told her that God was sustaining Dale and his family by His grace and the love and prayers of many. I told her that though there was much grief and loss that Kim’s husband’s testimony was “It is well.”

She shook her head and said that she was glad God had directed me to her line and that she was comforted in knowing ‘those children” were being ministered to by our church.

I am saddened and sobered by the wickedness of this broken world. But I am encouraged by the faithfulness of God’s people and the goodness of God. Let it be said of us, “It is Well.”

Embracing Truth, Pastor