Wednesday, September 20

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Have you known a preschool child who seems to be continually asking “why?” They can be exhausting. I hope you have grown in your theology concerning our asking “why” of God as we have walked through Habakkuk. I have richly benefitted from this little book.

On Sunday afternoon Lin and I headed to northwestern Wisconsin where we joined many from all over Wisconsin and Minnesota for the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches. I have the responsibility of being the treasurer of this organization and needed to be at a board meeting on Monday morning. We heard great preaching and enjoyed renewing fellowship with many – including Pastor Rory! Today we are back home and have a week’s work to do with less time. Sound familiar?

Continue to pray for Kim, Sue, and Tony. Pray for the ministries of our church and for people to receive Jesus. Pray for baptisms and for people to be led to be a part of this ministry. Pray for us as a church to grow in our obedience to the Word of God.

Andy Buhrow will be presenting the ministry of Baptist for Life during the teen/adult Sunday School hour this Sunday. Then he will bring a challenge after church dinner. Yes, it’s the last Sunday of September already!

I look forward to your fellowship this evening at Awana and Bible study.

Embracing Truth, Pastor