September 10, 2017 – The LORD’s Day

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Are you ready for the LORD’s Day? I am! Tomorrow morning we are going to be in Habakkuk 2. I’ve titled the sermon “By Faith or In Pride?” We also have Lord’s Table in the morning service.

During our 8:45a Sunday School hour, we are beginning a new adult series on II Corinthians titled “Be Encouraged!” Also, Sunday is promotion Sunday, so about half of our young people will be in new classes tomorrow.

In the evening service, we have this quarter’s Congregational Meeting. We will give reports on attendance, finances, projects, and missions. As I was preparing these reports I was encouraged at what God is doing in this place. Written reports will be available on the back tables in the morning.

Several weeks ago, Missionary Nestor Lubuguin was here. He spoke of a camp they are building in the Philippines and the need for funds to build a shelter for athletic activities. After our Lord’s Table in the morning, we are going to take a special offering for that camp.

Pray for one another.

Embracing Truth, Pastor