Robert & Brenda Oetman – March/April letter

March/April – Robert and Brenda Oetman

Rob was able to be in Indiana with the family for most of March.  We were able to travel as a family to a missions conference in Michigan.  We had a really nice time seeing people we haven’t seen in a very long time and had good meetings. The kids had to take a few days off school but they were able to get most of their work ahead of time. Then we had a meeting in Ohio.  We had a good meeting and seen some more friends we haven’t seen in a long time.  The snow storm came during the morning service, I thought it was spring. We were able to make it back to Indiana where there was still no snow.  Once again during evening church the snow came.  The kids ended up not having school on today, they were pretty excited about that. I had to see a podiatist this month because bad heel pain.  The diagonoses was plantar fasciitis in the right foot.  The doctor recommended that I stay off my feet until the inflamation goes down. Hopefully the it will be better before I fly back to Korea July.

Rob will be in Arizona for 3 weeks in April. He will be visiting three supporting churches there.  Please pray that while he is there he possible can get some Wednesday night meetings at new churches and that he has safe travels.

We have already purchased his plane ticket to fly to Korea.  He will fly May 6th.  It will be a long flight with long lay over in San Fransico, but it was only $700.

We praise the Lord for the 3 new churches that have taken us on for support.  Plus a couple of individuals have also given gifts.  We had one church take up a love offering for our return costs.

Please continue to pray for: Rob’s travels, kids schooling, cost of shipping items over, rest of the familie’s air line tickets, cost of apartment and setting it up in Korea. We will need to get all appliances, furniture, and other items that we were not able to put in storage. Thanks so much for your prayers on our behalf!

Resurection Sunday Service – will be at Home Church Faith Avon, IN.

 April 7th – East Mesa Baptist Churh East
Mesa, AZ

 April 14th – New Testament Baptist Church
Safford, AZ

 April 21st – Northwest Valley Baptist Church
Glendale, AZ