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September 10, 2017 – The LORD’s Day

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Are you ready for the LORD’s Day? I am! Tomorrow morning we are going to be in Habakkuk 2. I’ve titled the sermon “By Faith or In Pride?” We also have Lord’s Table in the morning service.

During our 8:45a Sunday School hour, we are beginning a new adult series on II Corinthians titled “Be Encouraged!” Also, Sunday is promotion Sunday, so about half of our young people will be in new classes tomorrow.

In the evening service, we have this quarter’s Congregational Meeting. We will give reports on attendance, finances, projects, and missions. As I was preparing these reports I was encouraged at what God is doing in this place. Written reports will be available on the back tables in the morning.

Several weeks ago, Missionary Nestor Lubuguin was here. He spoke of a camp they are building in the Philippines and the need for funds to build a shelter for athletic activities. After our Lord’s Table in the morning, we are going to take a special offering for that camp.

Pray for one another.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I learned this morning that Tom Michler is in the hospital. He is weak from an infection and is being treated with antibiotics. Pray for healing and strength.

Also – pray for the Lloyd Peace family. They travel from Brazil to Indiana today and tomorrow. Here is their letter: Dear Friends, We would appreciate your prayers as we begin our travels to the USA tomorrow.  We will catch the speed boat headed upriver in the morning.  We will spend Wednesday night in Tabatinga and we hope to arrive in time to visit some friends in Colombia.  Thursday morning, we will go to the Federal Police to officially stamp out of Brazil.  We will fly out of Leticia, Colombia, in the early afternoon.  We will have long layovers in both Bogotá and Dallas Fort Worth.  We anticipate arriving in Evansville, Indiana, on Friday mid-afternoon.   We will spend a week with Athena’s family before driving to Ottumwa, Iowa, where we plan to live during our furlough.  Please pray specifically for health, patience with each other especially with being tired and with the emotions involved with leaving, and that our luggage would not be lost. Thank you. Lloyd and Athena Peace

Embracing Truth, Pastor

International Dinner is Saturday, September 24th

First, I want to remind you of a wonderful and fun event happening at church tomorrow evening, Saturday-September 24th at 6:00p. It is an International Dinner. We encourage everyone to bring a dish to share with an international flare. (Sorry.) Our special guests for the evening are Missionaries to Mozambique Joel and Joanie Troester. They are real heroes in my book and it is a privilege to have them in town. I am so looking forward to the weekend.

The Troesters will also be reporting to the church during our adult Bible study during the Sunday School hour and Joel is our morning preacher on Sunday.

We had a good night last night as Trinity Baptist School served at the Pork Fest of Kiwanis of Fabulous Fond du Lac. We had many students, staff members, committee members, and our visiting missionaries serving – almost 20 of us! It was a good night for our school as once again folks asked us about the “good young people” who were serving. Praise the Lord!

It was a blessing to me to see both Dick and Kim in church Wednesday evening. Pray for strength for Dick as he will begin chemo soon. Pray for Kim’s surgery to heal and for pain to be reduced. Pray too for wisdom for doctors for both of them.

May God be pleased with our lives this day. Be blessed and be a blessing!

Embracing Truth,


Missionary Boisvert – April 22

Doug is set to leave tomorrow for the second Mongolian teaching module this year. He will be accompanied by Pastor Dave Sincock and Charles (Chuck) Moehring. They will be teaching all week in the TRI-M sessions and then teaching in the Baptist Bible Institute/ Seminary of a few of the “students”. Most likely the three will also be preaching at least once as well. A busy schedule but good one.

Please join us in prayer for
1) safety during the travel both in the air and on the ground between teaching modules for both us the teachers and the “students” coming in for the training.

2) God’s grace to be evident for the Mongolian students’ families who also sacrifice to allow the men to leave them for a week for the training.

3) Protection and encouragement for the teachers’ wives and families as we travel half way around the world from them.

4) Also Doug is hoping to begin working with a select group of the Leaders and Organizers on orienting them in teaching the Mongolian curriculum themselves to new future groups. Truly the Mongolian field is white unto harvest and the laborers (Leaders) are few. But more are being called and trained to train others 2 Timothy 2:2. Pray that this will be a good first step towards the Mongolians becoming a permanent part of this teaching.

5) Preparation for a new Tri-M teaching module in an Asian country a few weeks after Doug returns from Mongolia.

Thanks for praying for God to receive the glory through all of this!

Striving to Serve Christ,
Doug Boisvert, D. Min.
Tri-M Eastern and Central African Director
sent out by Springville Baptist Church, PA

“To this end I also labor, striving according to His working…” (Colossians 1:29)

Missionary Susie Kallal’s surgery

Today, I received a phone call from Alton Memorial hospital in Illinois and my total knee replacement surgery is scheduled for 10:00-10:30am Monday morning, April 18th. I will be in the hospital for two or three days and then rehab for a few weeks. Thank you so much for your continued prayers. Trusting God through this time!

Your sister in Christ,
Susie Kallal