Caroyn Price’s parents last home in tornado

Dear praying friends,

The motive of a prayer letter so soon is twofold.  One, I wanted to share a picture of my new grandson, Rafahelito (because many asked).  After much anticipation and much prayer, his arrival on the 16th of May brought much joy as both mom and baby are doing very well.  Thanks so much to all who prayed.

The second part of this letter is to share a prayer request very close to my heart.  I would imagine that you have seen on the news or read about the tornado that went through Moore, Oklahoma on Monday.  My parents lost their home, as did everyone in their neighborhood.  When I first heard of the tornado and read that it went through the town where my parents lived, I was frantic to contact them.  None of my calls went through, though, even the one to my brother’s cell phone.  I finally called a friend who lives close by (15 or 20 minutes away) and he very graciously went out of his way to try and contact my parents.  I then tried calling a neighbor that I knew, but she was on her way home to see what damage had been done to her house.  (I’m pretty sure their home was destroyed, too, as they live only a few houses from my folks.)  I finally thought to try my brother’s ex-wife’s cell phone.  Praise the Lord, through two tries, I was able to talk with her even though we did not have a very good connection.  She told me that my parent’s home had been destroyed but that they were all right as was my brother.  She told me to call in 20 minutes as she would walk to where the house had been and try to help me get in contact with my brother David.  Finally, after several hours of not knowing anything, I did get to talk to David.  Again, the connection wasn’t that great, but he told me that they were ok.  Several times he said to me, “Carolyn, the house is gone.”  As you know, many people lost their lives and my heart is broken for them.  I do thank the Lord, though, that He spared my family.

Prayer requests.  At this point, my parents are staying in a community center along with others who have been displaced.  Both my parents are elderly (82 and 77).  This cannot be easy on them as they are completely out of their routine and yes, even comfort zone.  I have not been able to talk to them personally and to be honest, that has been hard for me.  I know that they are in God’s hands, but please pray that I will be able to talk with them soon.  I do have a cousin who lives in Texas who has offered for my parents to stay with her, but at this point, I do not know if they have accepted.  My mom and dad are both very, very independent, but I am praying that they will accept this generous offer.  (I am in contact with my cousin via Facebook).  I will try and call my brother again today.  Please pray, not only for me, but for others who are also having difficulty in communicating with their loved ones in Moore.

A couple of people have asked me if I am going to go home any time soon.  I wish I could rush “home” tomorrow, but as there isn’t a “home” any longer to go to, nor do my parents or brother have a car, I fear that I would only be an additional burden at this time.  As soon as it is feasible, I will make the plans necessary to go help my family.  Please also pray for me in this area as well, as all this uncertainty is unsettling for me.  I do know that the Lord has allowed these things to happen for a reason.  My prayer is that through all these circumstances, my parents and brother can come to know Him.

I did not mean for this to get so long, but there has been so much on my heart.  Thank you to those who have written on Facebook to let me know you are praying.  I wish I had time to answer each one, but please know how much it has meant for me to know you have taken time out of your busy schedules, not only to pray, but to let me know you are doing so.  When I am finally able to talk with my mom and dad, I will let them know, too.

Take time to hug a loved one today, or call someone you love and let them know…this life truly is fragile.
Love in Christ,