Lloyd and Athena Peace prayer letter 9-2013

It’s hard to believe we have been back in Brazil for just over 5 months now.  We appreciate your continued prayer for the ministry here in the Amazon as well as for our family.  Thank you to those who give financially so we can minister here.  Internet access continues to be very limited, so unfortunately, we have not been able to send updates out as often as we would like.

In August, Lloyd traveled to Ipeúna, in southern Brazil, where he obtained his Brazilian pilot’s license.  He then ferried the airplane back up to Manaus where it is currently hangared awaiting the completion of the hangar here in Santo Antônio.  Hangar construction begins in about ten days.  ABWE-AIR director, Herman Teachout, and his wife will be here with us for the duration of this project.

God sent an unexpected blessing last week with the arrival of the Brazilian Navy.  They were here in town to conduct a boat driver’s license class, and Lloyd was able to give his documents to one of the men who took it back up to Tabatinga for renewal.  Lloyd already has the up-to-date documents back in hand.  He has spent some time “unpickling” our boat, but it still is not running.  Hopefully after a few more hours of work it will be back up and running.

This past month, Lloyd was the special speaker for the church’s 50th anniversary in Betânia.  Over one thousand people attended the morning service which included presentations by various groups within the church, a double wedding, and cake.  Following an early afternoon meal, twenty-one people were baptized.  Summer break starts in early December and runs through the end of February.  Lloyd will resume classes at the Bible institute in early March.  He has spoken with many of the past students and they are anxious to resume studying the Bible.

This past weekend, Lloyd and Pastor Jacó visited the congregation in Amaturá.  Both men preached and were able to counsel several people.  Please pray for this struggling congregation.  They deeply desire to have a full-time pastor.  Please also pray for some sin issues needing to be resolved within the church.

We have been excited to see increased participation in Bible study discussions with the Joven’s group.  It is great to see them thinking things through on a deeper level.  We are getting ready to do a study on the Tabernacle.  Our numbers are up and down depending upon work schedules and other activities going on in the city.  Several of our more spiritually mature jovens are getting ready to head off to college.  Please pray for continued growth, both spiritually and numerically, within this group.

Last night, seventy-three teens came for the mid-week Bible study.  The focus over the past few weeks has been on where people will spend eternity – either in Heaven or Hell.  In addition, they are being encouraged and equipped to witness to their unsaved friends and family members.  We are encouraged to see them giving serious thought to their spiritual lives.

Lloyd, Jessica and Lindsay leave in about eight hours for Manaus.  We are thankful for Lindsay’s help with the kids’ schoolwork and other tasks here at home.  Lindsay flies back to the USA on Sunday.  Lloyd and Jessica will take care of some business in Tabatinga and then return home.

Your partners in reaching the world for Christ,

Lloyd, Athena, Julia, Jessica, Jacob, and Lucas Peace