News for Friday, March 6

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family. First, I want to rejoice with you about the success of Souped Up! We sent out about 80 dinners at lunch time, made about 40 gallons of soup, had a busy gym for a couple of hours at dinner time, and will profit over $1,000 towards the TBS fundraising efforts. Many thanks to all those who made this day happen.

I was delighted last night that Kim Struska was able to attend Souped Up! She was sporting her new fashion – which includes wearing a device on her shaved head that will disrupt the growth of her cancer. Keep praying for her – pray that this device keeps the tumor from growing, that her migraines will cease, and that she will regain the strength she lost during her past chemo treatments.

Jeremy’ dad, Mark Shaeffer, flew to Houston this week to pursue treatment for his cancer. Mark has several kinds of aggressive cancer and Houston was the best place for him to go to get treated. Pray for healing for Mark and pray for Jeremy and his family – both here and in Ohio. Also remember to pray concerning Jeremy’s grandmother who is dying from cancer. This is Mark’s mom.

If you teach at TBC – Junior Church, Sunday School, Awana, TBS – we have a Christian Education Seminar tomorrow – Saturday, the 7th – at 9:30a. We will be finished by 11a. We are going to hear presentations from Jeremy on classroom discipline and Darryl on illustrating Bible truth. We will take time for discussion and make decisions concerning that will impact our coming trimesters.

Before the CE meeting in the morning, there is a Men’s Prayer Breakfast at 8a. Eight of us are signed up. If you would like to join us, let me know so I will have food for you.

Prepare your heart for the Lord’s Day. Walk in the shadow of the cross.
Embracing Truth,

Pastor Leeds