Joel & Joanie Troester

Recent adventures in Mozambique – Troesters June 18, 2013
Land News!
Great news! Our request for the use of the land has been published! We had to appeal to the director a second time and then finally the architect gave the word to publish. There is now a thirty-day waiting period for any possible person to make a claim. . After this we enter into the process of putting it into the name of the mission. THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO PRAYED EARNESTLY FOR THIS SPECIAL NEED. God answers in His time. Pray that things KEEP on moving. In the meantime, we are looking for a place to start our church. We’ve been counseled to not begin it in our home. Most thieves have been trusted visitors.

Zuleide is a single Brazilian missionary who has given of herself to help us during this start-up period of our church. She has moved close and has already been a great help. She has started flute lessons and the first students are pretty excited.

Two teen girls gave testimonies Sunday night. Tania said that in the past she came to Bible study to get out of the house. Maria said that church activities were a social thing to do. Both are coming more regularly.

Joanie has a small group of English students that met in our kitchen this last Sunday night. Our car has not been found. We are in the process of replacing. Riding the public transportation system gives extra time of fellowship and adventure with our people, like riding in an open truck on a cold night, and walking 45 minutes. On their way home from church on Sunday, some of the teen guys kept talking about the subject of the day, which was moral purity and purity in dating (Eph. 5:3). We all need to apply Eph. 4:22-24 in our lives. The exciting thing is that they were still talking about it on the way home! God is working.
Thanks for all your prayers,
Joel and Joanie Troester