Joel Troester’s Prayer Request

I would like to ask you for prayer for our land situation. Just when we think everything is moving, the city comes up with yet another obstacle. In order to try and facilitate the process we spent 4 1/2 hours writing up a summary of all that we have done through the entire process of asking for the use of the land that was promised to us. This morning we handed our request to yet another man on the list of the many who have to sign off on our request. Mr Fausto normally does not attend to people on Thursdays, but he was gracious enough to receive our request and asked us to come back on Monday. He said that he had already caught wind of our request. One of the reasons for this glitch is that a map from 1962 was dug up which showed the land divided up differently than what it is in actuality right now. Yes, they need to update their maps and their plans for the use of the land, but to get them to do that is another story. The king’s heart is as a stream of water in the hand of the Lord and He can move it wherever He wants. But some moving needs to take place. Today and tomorrow they will be making their decisions on our behalf. They are used to getting money.

Thank you so very much,