Carolyn Price – June 18, 2013

It is really hard for me to find words this morning as I try to write this email.  So many have written with much appreciated words of encouragement.  I have received close to 1,000 Facebook messages, and while I have read them all, I have not been able to answer all of them.  My friend Sharon assures me that no one expects me to answer each and every one, but if I could I would.  The same holds true with the many, many emails that I have received.  Thank you all for the promises of prayer, words of concern, verses to comfort and offers of assistance where needed.  I know that I can never repay all the kindness that has been shown me.

After wading through much paperwork, spending much time on the phone, and the inevitable running around that goes along with the process of literally starting over, I was finally able to place my parents in an independent living facility called Southwest Mansions.  They seem to be adjusting well, though it is much harder for my father as he has such a crazy sleeping schedule.  I have finally convinced my dad that he is NOT living in a nursing home!  Considering what they have been through, they are doing better than expected.  Still after 40 years in the same home, a routine that suited their life styles, and their own unique cooking arrangement, I know they would appreciate your prayers in the weeks ahead as they continue adjusting.  My father was given a Bible by a group of volunteers (wonderful volunteers from Samaritan Purse) and he has promised to read it.  Both my parents acknowledge the fact that God spared them in a mighty way.  (If you have seen the pictures on my Facebook page, you will see why this is true!)

My brother and I talk almost every day.  He has gone to church with me twice now.  My brother David has always been a very independent and strong man (after all he is an Okie), but he, too, recognizes God’s hand in sparing his life twice.  He tells me that he made a profession of faith when he was 15 on a church canoe trip in Minnesota.  I do not know if he is truly saved or not, but perhaps through all of these circumstances God will speak to his heart either way.  Just the fact that he is going to church with me – well, you can imagine what this does for my own heart.  Please continue praying for him.

I meant to send pictures, but when I made the pdf file, it turned out rather large.  I know that not all people have high speed internet and downloading a large file would take too long.  I do not have time this morning to resize them, so pictures will have to come in the next email.

I could not wait, however, to write and say thank you…and I mean that with all my heart.

I have talked twice now to my family in Bolivia.  They are well!  I am told that my granddaughter really misses me.  Well, if she feels like I do, she must miss me more than words can express.  God has sure been good to me, hasn’t He?

God bless you all,
Much love from Oklahoma,
Carolyn Price