Emergency prayer request from Carolyn Price

Today one of the believers in our church will be having major surgery at 3:00 p.m. (Bolivian time) on a tumor on his brain. I was told by his wife last night in church that the doctors have said the surgery will last 8 hours or more. Bro. Chiqui has been told that without the surgery he has very little time left because of the rapid growth of the tumor. This is going to be a very dangerous surgery and he could be paralyzed afterwards. There are no guarantees. I told his wife Nora that I would write and ask people to pray. I do indeed have some wonderful people praying for me here. (She got teary eyed when I told her about you!) Thank you ahead of time for your prayers for Chiqui and his family.
Please pray for wisdom for the doctor – and great stamina – as 8 hours is a long time. Please also pray for Nora as she is pregnant. This has been especially difficult for her. Bro. Chiqui is calm knowing that his life is in God’s hands, but I know he would also appreciate your prayers. I probably won’t know anything until tomorrow, so will try to write then.
God bless you all…