Lloyd and Athena Peace report

We are very thankful to finally be able to get a long overdue update out! In just a few hours, Lloyd will be flying down river to the city of Fonte Boa. He will be teaching at one church’s youth meeting this evening, and then tomorrow morning, he will be teaching a Sunday School class at another church. Lloyd has plans to fly down the following week and spend five days with Ney, a Christian man Lloyd’s family has known since the late 1970’s. The church in Fonte Boa has evangelistic/discipleship outreaches into several communities along the Japurá and Jururá Rivers, both of which are tributaries of the Amazon. Ney uses his vacation time each year to visit these communities. The airplane will cut travel time down considerably which will allow Lloyd and Ney to spend time preaching the Word in three different locations and also to visit two or three other communities.

December is typically the end of the school year here in Brazil. Lloyd, Jaison and Elildo and his family will be headed up to Betânia for their last visit before summer break. Both the morning and afternoon classes will be meeting together for a time of fellowship which will include handing out certificates and a devotional book for those who studied at the Bible institute this year, a snack, and some games. Please pray with Lloyd, Jaison and Elildo as they start making plans for next year’s Bible institute classes. Both of these young men are ready for more ministry responsibility and Lloyd is looking forward to continuing to mentor them.

We are still working to piece together our mailing list after an August computer crash. If you do not wish to receive our updates, please just send us a note and we’ll be glad to remove your address for our list. If you know of someone who used to receive our updates, but is no longer receiving them, please have them send us a note and we’ll be glad to add them back onto our mailing list. Thanks for your help and understanding in this matter!

We are working on a prayer letter and hope to have it finished within the next day or so. We hope to include some recent photos of what’s been going on here. Also, we have a Facebook page set-up for more frequent ministry updates and for sharing photos more often. You do not need to have a Facebook account in order to access them. For those who are interested, the link is http://www.facebook.com/lloydandathenapeace.

In Christ,
Lloyd and Athena Peace and family