Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: We don’t take enough time to rejoice in what God is doing. Rejoice with me!

– Jean wrote to me this week that she was able to lead a lady named JaLinda to the Lord over the phone. Dan and JaLinda are a couple Dick and Jean met in Arizona. Pray for their spiritual growth.

– Beth tells me that several of our Awana parents are telling her how impressed they are with our Awana Clubs and how happy their young people are to be at TBC.

– Lin was able to walk through much of the gospel with a brand new Sparky a week ago Wednesday.

– I preached through the end of Revelation in high school chapel this week and was asked many good questions as I emphasized the reality and permanence of heaven and hell.

– Randy told me today about a couple of conversations he has recently had that have turned towards God in part because of our Exchange Sunday School class.

So rejoice. God is alive and working in Fond du Lac and the world in and through this church.

Pray for Pastor Shaeffer to learn the cause of his gut pain. This morning he had the second of 2 tests looking for bad bacteria. He will meet with a GI doctor on Tuesday.

Bonnie Fiebig will have the procedure to correct her great pain two weeks from today. Pray that she will be able to have the procedure and that it will be successful in eliminating her pain.

Pray for our school. Parents are being asked what their plans are for next year so the school committee can make budgeting plans. Pray God will send us the right students for our school.

This Sunday evening we have a missionary with us from Chosen People Ministries. He is going to give a “Christ in the Passover” message. Come learn about this ministry and more about your own faith in Jesus.

Embracing Truth, Pastor