Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: “OK, spring is here. Bring on the 60 degree weather and green grass.” I’m afraid my impatience is only equaled by my selfishness. All things in God’s time and place.

Continue to pray for Bonnie Fiebig. She has been moved to Manor Care because she was unable to care for herself. The pain and drugs she is on are very debilitating. Also pray for Pastor Shaeffer that he would find answers and relief to his continued pain and weakness. Lin returns to the clinic today to check out her wrist sprain. This has been a painful and frustrating week as her pain levels make most actions difficult.

Tomorrow is the Spring Concert of Trinity Baptist School. It will be held at the church at 6:30 p.m. Our high school has already participated in their WACS academic competition. The elementary is still preparing for theirs. This concert will feature all ages of our school and many of the academic competition numbers. Come be blessed and be a blessing.

On Saturday our School Committee made the very difficult decision to no longer rent our current school location. The primary reason is financial although there are other factors. When we left our church building we had 46 students at TBS. Our current expectation for next year is half of that. Of the returning families, all but one is an active member of Trinity Baptist Church. We plan to return our school to where it has been for 2/3rds of its history – in the same building the rest of our ministries call home.

Please be patient with this process. There are many questions to yet be answered and many changes along the way. This is kind of like when an older teenage child returns home after an absence. You know they belong there because they are family and yet they behave differently because of their separation. Trinity Baptist School is a part of Trinity Baptist Church just like Awana or Sunday School or a baptism service. In the long run I truly believe our church ministry will be financially and spiritually stronger than it would be if we did not make this move. Talk to me. Pray. And give of yourself.

This weekend Lin, Sarah, and I will be worshipping with Zeke, Hannah, and the boys in Great Falls, MT. Pray for us as we travel. Pastor Shaeffer is our Sunday morning preacher at TBC and from a sneak peak at his texts I know he is going to preach about Jesus!

Missionary Brian Krueger and his family will be ministering in Teen/Adult Sunday School and in the after church dinner devotions. The Kruegers are church builders with Continental Baptist Missions. I am bummed that I will not be here to fellowship with this family. Come learn and then share with me.

“He is Risen as He said!” Embracing Truth, Pastor