Prayer letter from Carolyn Price – July 1, 2014

Once again, I leave in the morning for Tarija!  I will spend a few days with my friend Joy Choi, a Korean missionary that served in Sucre while I was there.  She now lives in Tarija and I am looking forward to catching up on our friendship.  Then next Tuesday, I’ll be teaching the same material that I taught in June at Pastor Nathaniel Avila’s church.  He informed me this morning that there might be students from other churches there in Tarija, so it will most likely be a very busy week to say the least.  Please pray for strength and wisdom. Some have had experience as teachers, but many are only just beginning.  My desire is to be a blessing and encouragement.
The world has a philosophy as is manifested in the following quotes:  “I hope that we are raising our children to believe in human potential and not in God.” – Gloria Steinem.  Ernestine Rose said, “It is interesting and easy to prove that all children are atheists and if it wasn’t for the indoctrination of their minds, they’d remain that way.”
Our philosophy?  “The heart of education is the education of the heart – and our heart is Christ!”  We have a great responsibility and a precious opportunity to serve the Lord in the area of teaching children.  Please pray for teacher and students alike – that God will work in and through us!
Thank you ahead of time for your prayers,