Charlie Smith is home from the hospital!

Praise The Lord, Charlie is home!! We were very blessed by having several
Christian nurses attending him and the nephrologist (kidney doctor) is a
kind Christian man that prayed with Charlie.

While it will still be a long time before he is “back to normal”, he is
gaining strength daily. He was happy to have the edema in his feet be
decreased sufficiently to finally wear his shoes instead of slippers
yesterday.   Friday he will begin  12 weeks of cardiac rehabilitation, which
is a monitored exercise and strengthening program.

In about a month Charlie hopes to begin contacting pastors  to set up
future furlough meetings.  Out of necessity for recuperation,  it will not
be a “fast and furious” furlough as in past years.   Please continue to
pray, much is needed.

We do thank you all for your prayers.

Charlie and JoAnn