Here a Little for April 13, 2014

Monday – read Matthew 8:14-17
If Peter was the first Pope, what’s strange about this story?

Tuesday – read Matthew 8:18-22
What kept these two from following Jesus?

Wednesday – read Matthew 8:23-27
Why should the disciples have not been afraid?

Thursday – read Matthew 8:23-27
Why do you think Jesus said they had “little faith”?

Friday – read Matthew 8:28-29
At what time might the demons expect to be tormented?

Saturday – read Matthew 8:30-34
Why do you think the people of this city wanted Jesus to leave their community?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Awana
Commander David Olson and Secretary Carolyn Olson provide oversight to this busy ministry.
TBC hosts an Awana Club for 2-year-olds through 12th Graders.

Church-supported Missionary:
Susie Kallal
She is serving the Lord through a local church in Bledsoe, Kentucky.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Kerry & Rachel Tompkins
Kerry works for Agnesian as well as TBS.
Rachel is a junior at TBS.

Paul & Tanya Westra: Savanna, Mahri, Elizabeth, Silas, Ezekiel.
Paul is a social worker for the State of Wisconsin. Tanya is a respiratory therapist with Aurora.
Paul and Tanya lead our junior high Awana Club. Paul is a key element on our sound system team.
Savanna, Mahri, Lizzy, Silas, and Zeke attend TBS.

Bob & Evelyn Wilson
They are looking forward to spring and the yard work that comes with it.

Dick & Jean Winkler
They will be heading home from Arizona this week!