Here a Little for April 14, 2013

Monday – read Ezekiel 16:1-2
Who is this chapter written to or about? (Remember that this is an allegory as you look at this chapter.)

Tuesday – read Ezekiel 16:3-6
Describe Jerusalem’s (Jewish nation) birth and heritage.

Wednesday -read Ezekiel 16:7-14
Who caused Israel to become beautiful and admired?

Thursday – read Ezekiel 16:15-25
What did Israel do with all she had been given?

Friday – read Ezekiel 16:26-34
How was Israel different than a harlot?

Saturday – read Ezekiel 16:35-43
How was God going to respond to Israel’s adultery?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Choir: Led by David Douglass; Assisted by Karen Douglass, Accompanied by Jan Martin
Our choir practices for over an hour a couple of Sunday evenings a month and then more for special holiday events.
The choir contributed greatly to our recent Easter service.

Church-supported Missionary: Wayne & Carole Vawter
Wayne is the State Missions Director of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches. Carole assists him in leading women’s ministry.
Trinity Baptist is a member of this fellowship.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Tim & Kimberly Krause: David, Cade, Isabella
Tim works for Biolife. Kimberly teaches at TBS. David and Cade attend TBS.
As a member of our Ministry Committee, Tim leads our finance committee. He sings baritone for City Lights and is a member of our choir.
Kimberly is active in our nursery ministry and is a leader in Awana.

Sean & Sarah Lapp; Logan, Jasmin, Malachi
Sean works for a local trucking firm as a machanic.
Sean and Sarah are both Awana leaders. Sarah serves in our nursery.

Dan & Lin Leeds: Sarah, Charlie
Dan pastors TBS. Lin teaches at TBS. They both sing in the choir.
Sarah graduates from Northland International University this May.
Charlie is a student at Maranatha Baptist Bible College.