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Here a Little for August 6, 2016

Monday – read Galatians 2:11-12
Describe Peter’s behavior in your own words.
Tuesday – read Galatians 2:20-21
How does the believer live?
Wednesday – read Galatians 3:1
How did the Galatians see Christ crucified? Give more than one way!
Thursday – read Galatians 3:2-5
How is the Spirit of God received? What does this matter?
Friday – read Galatians 3:6-9
How did Abraham become righteous?
Saturday – read Galatians 3:6-9
Describe our relationship to Abraham. Who is he to the believer?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Worship Committee: Randy & Jan Martin, Amy Braker, Naiza Delica, Debbie Bohrer, Charlie Leeds
This committee provides leadership to our church in the worship services in many areas: choir, musicians who accompany the singing, song leading, sound and video work, offertories, special music, special programs, and congregational singing.

Church-supported Missionary: Julaine Appling
Julaine leads Family Research Institute. They provide information as to what is happening with our elected officials. They also represent family values in Madison.

Members of this Body of Christ:
Eric & Laura Denk: Alex, Sam, Megan, Mary Jo
Eric is a machinist. Laura is the director of a crises pregnancy center. Laura teaches 2-3 year Sunday School.
Alex graduated from high school this spring. Sam, Megan, and Mary Jo school at home.

Patricia Elsinger
Patsy recently described herself as a burnt out gardener. She and Dave have a large lot that is a flower show piece. Many of the fresh flowers that have been at the church in recent weeks are from Patsy’s yard.

Bonnie Fiebig
Bonnie stays busy helping with noon meals at Westnor Apartments. She is the Westra kids grandmother.

Here a Little for May 4, 2014

Monday – read Matthew 9:16-17
What do you think Jesus is saying about His teachings?
Tuesday – read Matthew 9:18-26
Tell about the differences between the woman and the girl.
Wednesday – read Matthew 9:18-26
Contrast the faith that healed these two individuals.
Thursday – read Matthew 9:27-31
What is the significance of calling Jesus “son of David”?
Friday – read Matthew 9:27-31
Why do you think they disobeyed Jesus?
Saturday – read Matthew 9:32-35
Why do you think the Pharisees would so accuse Jesus?
Pray for us …
Church Ministry: F2f – Youth Ministries
Activities and Bible studies are scheduled for those in 7th-12th grades.
Pastor Rory leads this ministry with the help of Christa and Tim and Kimberly Krause.

Church-supported Missionary: Lloyd and Athena Peace: Julia, Jessica, Jacob, and Lucas in the Amazon region of Brazil.
Lloyd mentors national pastors, helps lead a Bible Institute, counsels churches, and leads a strong youth ministry.
Athena works in a clinic near their home in addition to homeschooling their children.
Pray for the ongoing health of the family, especially Lucas.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Nestor & Cely Delica: Christopher, Michelle, Mary Jane
Nestor works at Excel Engineering and Cely does income taxes.
Nestor is a member of the Ministry Committee and will be teaming with Rory and Curt to teach 1 Peter this summer.
Christopher is attending UW Milwaukee.

Naiza Delica
Naiza lives with Christopher in Milwaukee. She is involved with teaching and performing music in Milwaukee and Fond du Lac.
Naiza sings in choir and is part of our keyboard team.

Here a Little for April 20, 2014

Monday – read Luke 23:1-5
Of what did the Jews accuse Jesus?

Tuesday – read Luke 23:6-12
How did Jesus help Pilate and Herod to be friends?

Wednesday – read Luke 23:12-17
Why did Pilate want to chastise an innocent man?

Thursday – read Luke 23:18-24
What crimes had Barabbas committed?

Friday – read Luke 23:33-43
What is the constant in all this chaos?

Saturday – read Luke 24:1-12
Why did the disciples not believe Jesus was alive?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Sunday School
We have classes for every age from 2 years and up.
We have Trimesters for our adult classes. New classes begin in May.

Church-supported Missionary:
Nestor & Lallie Lubuguin
Nestor pastors a church in the Philippians. His church supports church-planters in the Philippians and throughout Southeast Asia.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Bryan & Patty Abell: Emily, Eli, Autumn
Bryan is an engineer. Patty works at Mercury.
Emily and Eli attend Fond du Lac district school. Autumn attends TBS.

Maybelle Armstrong
Maybelle attends with Mary Kay

Beverly Baum
Bev lives with her niece, great niece, and great nephews.
Bev sings in our choir.

Paul & Amy Braker: Bethany, Viola
Paul will graduate from Marian this spring. He is finishing an internship at Schenk. Amy teaches music at TBS.
Paul is a member of our finance committee. Amy sings in the choir and plays keyboard for Awana and church services.
Bethany is in K-4 at TBS.

Here a Little for April 13, 2014

Monday – read Matthew 8:14-17
If Peter was the first Pope, what’s strange about this story?

Tuesday – read Matthew 8:18-22
What kept these two from following Jesus?

Wednesday – read Matthew 8:23-27
Why should the disciples have not been afraid?

Thursday – read Matthew 8:23-27
Why do you think Jesus said they had “little faith”?

Friday – read Matthew 8:28-29
At what time might the demons expect to be tormented?

Saturday – read Matthew 8:30-34
Why do you think the people of this city wanted Jesus to leave their community?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Awana
Commander David Olson and Secretary Carolyn Olson provide oversight to this busy ministry.
TBC hosts an Awana Club for 2-year-olds through 12th Graders.

Church-supported Missionary:
Susie Kallal
She is serving the Lord through a local church in Bledsoe, Kentucky.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Kerry & Rachel Tompkins
Kerry works for Agnesian as well as TBS.
Rachel is a junior at TBS.

Paul & Tanya Westra: Savanna, Mahri, Elizabeth, Silas, Ezekiel.
Paul is a social worker for the State of Wisconsin. Tanya is a respiratory therapist with Aurora.
Paul and Tanya lead our junior high Awana Club. Paul is a key element on our sound system team.
Savanna, Mahri, Lizzy, Silas, and Zeke attend TBS.

Bob & Evelyn Wilson
They are looking forward to spring and the yard work that comes with it.

Dick & Jean Winkler
They will be heading home from Arizona this week!

Here a Little for April 6, 2014

Monday – read Matthew 8:1-4
What did the leper believe about Jesus?

Tuesday – read Matthew 8:5-7
What kind of man was this centurion?

Wednesday – read Matthew 8:8-9
What did the centurion believe about Jesus?

Thursday – read Matthew 8:10-13
Why did Jesus think the centurion had great faith?

Friday – read John 3:22-30
What was the Baptist’s opinion of Jesus?

Saturday – read John 3:31-36
What happens to the one who does not have Jesus?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Website Design/Maintenance
As part of his work at TBC Pastor Rory designs and maintains our website. Pastor and others regularly post articles to keep it fresh.

Church-supported Missionary:
Doug & Cheryl Boisvert
In addition to leading Tri-M Africa, Doug has taken a leading role in Tri-M Asia. He is teaching pastors and church leaders in Mongolia.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Jeremy & Amber Shaeffer: Annika, Levi, Weston
Jeremy is Principal of Trinity Baptist School. Amber is Finding Eden along with her sister. Annika, Levi, and Weston attend TBS.
Jeremy sings in the choir, teaches & preaches, and is our Awana Game leader this year. Amber is a member of our keyboard team and provides offertories.

Tim & Lisa Shell
Tim works for a local printer that makes wrappers for Hostess. Lisa is a nursing assistant at St. Francis.
Tim is a member of our Building/Ground Committee. He works with David Olson in counting attendance. Lisa is an Awana Leaders.

Dale & Kim Struska: Micah, Hannah, Annamary, Isaac, Andrew, Elias.
Dale plows snow and sweeps parking. Kim teaches Micah, Hannah, and  Annamary.
Please pray for Kim’s migraines to go away and for strength.