Friday, March 2, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Thank you, thank you to the many who came together for Souped Up! yesterday. Thank you to those who purchased or sold tickets, to those who pushed souped to their co-workers. Thanks to Jenny for taking a day off work to make soup with me. Thanks to TBS staff and students for their extra efforts. Thanks to the delivery drivers and thanks especially to Jan, Linda, and Jose who scrubbed encrusted roasters and stayed until the kitchen was clean last night. Thanks to Brenda for a long day of babysitting so Beth could help. Thanks to Andras for being a great participant and help until the end. Thank you to Pastor Shaeffer for leadership and willingness to do whatever it takes. It was a good day.

Limited varieties of soup and other extras will be available for sale after Sunday morning church.

Tomorrow is Men’s prayer breakfast – 8a. I would appreciate notice this afternoon yet if your name is not on the sign up and you are planning on attending in the morning.

Sunday morning is Lord’s Table. “Oh, Lord, may we once again see Jesus.”

Pray for one another. Be patient with one another. Give the grace you have been given to all you meet.

Embracing Truth, Pastor