Charlie Smith is out of ICU

Charlie is progressing, but we do not yet know when he will be able to go
home.  He is out of ICU and in a cardiac room. All his chest tubes have been
removed and he only has one IV as a “place holder” in the event they need to
give IV medications.  He is still on a low flow of oxygen and an EKG
telemetry monitor.  He was given two units of blood Thursday evening because
his hematocrit was very low.  He had a lot more energy on Friday and even
made the physical therapy walk around the hall several times during the day.
His kidneys are the main concern at this point  with some progress in the
lowering of the creatine level.  He is on a restricted fluid intake as he is
retaining fluids.  He said as a kid his body never got beaten up in fights
as badly as he looks and feels, lots of purple.

He has been surprised at some simple  tasks like brushing his teeth and
shaving that he has had to learn to do in a different way due to IV
placement.  Getting dressed  and leaning forward have been difficult so as
not to lose his balance.  There will still be great challenges when he
finally does get to go home and is  restricted in his normal movements for a
time.  He will enter a cardiac rehab program after discharge that will help
build up his strength and monitor his heart at the same time.

We do thank you for all the cards, and email notes.  They have encouraged
greatly.  Many of you have mentioned praying for me as well, for strength.
Thank you.  It has been a tremendous  blessing  that  we are with our
sending church and the support they have been.

We look forward to how the Lord will use this event in the future.