Prayer request from Charlie Smith

In the next couple of weeks we will be putting on many miles traveling from Illinois to upper Wisconsin to Iowa to Ohio then to Missouri an on to Michigan for Thanksgiving.  I do not like the miles but God gave us good churches that we are responsible to be accountable to share how we have co-labored with them these years. So we plead for your prayers as we know what winter travel is a time to not be on the roads in the north.  It has been many years since I have had the ice under the wheels and I do not wish a crash coarse at my age.

Thank you very much for the prayers that you are offering unto God Almighty on the part of JoAnn and me.  We just are amazed in what He is doing in the various tasks that He has placed into our care.  Souls are being saved, many are renewing a correct relationship with their Lord, and a few are yielding to the call of being the missionary God wishes them to be.

Thank you to all the friends that have greeted us along the route and have encouraged us in so many ways.  And a special thank you to our home church in Casper who loves us so dearly.
Please keep letting JoAnn and I know how we can pray and be a blessing as we wish to serve.
In our Lord’s care, Charlie for both of us.