Wednesday, November 23, Sue Struska update

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family –
On Monday the Stuska’s learned that Sue’s tumor is a treatable form of lymphoma. The chemo ought to quickly make a difference, but the side effects can be harsh. She will remain hospitalized during these 7-10 day treatments, once a month for the next 3 months. A thorough report was posted on the fb page Sue Struska Health Updates yesterday. Here is a copy of that posting:
“Tuesday, 11/22/2016 Today was a relatively calm day for Sue, and a flurry of activity for Bill.
We found out that the hospital Sue ended up at right now is in network for the insurance company. This is very good for several reasons. Everything that has already been done is covered the best that the insurance will cover. Also, the treatment plan can start without having to change to a different hospital. This is all a big burden off Bill’s mind.
Sue was able to sleep quite a bit throughout the day, and ate well at meals. She saw an ophthalmologist who checked for pressure from the tumor. There was enough other activity in the room getting things set up to start treatment that physical therapy gave up trying to work with Sue today. Late this evening, She was moved to a new room on the oncology unit of the hospital.
Tomorrow will be a busy day for Sue. In the morning, she will have a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) put in by the Interventional Radiology staff. This can be left in long term, and will be used for administering the chemotherapy medications.
Tomorrow, a bone marrow biopsy will be done to check if the lymphoma has spread to the bones. An echocardiogram will also be done to measure the strength of Sue’s heart.
Paperwork has been signed so that chemotherapy can be started tomorrow. This will be day 1 of the first round of treatment.
PRAISE for the peace of mind that comes knowing the insurance has all been worked out.
PRAISE that St. Luke’s is in network so that everything that has already been done is covered, and there will be no interruption in care moving forward.
PRAISE that Sue is exceptionally healthy going into chemo, making her a strong candidate for a positive outcome.
PRAY that the procedures scheduled for tomorrow go smoothly – PICC, echo, and bone marrow biopsy.
PRAY that chemotherapy is quickly effective in fighting the lymphoma.
PRAY that the side effects of the chemo are gentle; that Sue will not experience the harsh reality that so many chemo patients have had to endure.
We know that this is all in God’s hands, and are trusting Him not only with the end, but of every part of the journey along the way.””
Embracing Truth,