Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I can’t help myself. I am truly excited about what God is doing at Trinity Baptist. We are having good attendance and good offerings. People from the community comment positively to me upon the work we are doing whenever I am out and about. But these things are not what I find most exciting. I have recently felt a great freedom in preaching, like God is carrying us along for His great glory. I am excited about the growth I observe in the Christianity of many. I am excited about an improved spirit. May God get the glory!

This is VBS week. We had no regular Sunday evening service and will not have a regular Wednesday evening service. About 40 young children are attending Bible Boot Camp. In addition a dozen teens are under the leadership of Pastor Shaeffer and working with our adult teachers. The teens are not only serving here, but are preparing to serve at Calvary Baptist Fellowship in Sturgeon Bay next week. Please pray for visitors and the salvation of children in Fond du Lac and Sturgeon Bay.

On Saturday, our mission team heads to Door County. Pastor Gerry Marsden has repeatedly told us that their church is thrilled we are coming to help them. They currently have two children who attend their church. Pray for us to make contacts on Saturday that will result in VBS attenders next week.

I am planning to drive up on Saturday to help with the visitation in Sturgeon Bay. I will leave at 7:30a and return sometime after 3:00p. Would you like to ride along and spend a few hours looking for children who might attend Bible Boot Camp at Calvary Baptist Fellowship? Contact me if you’d like to come along.

Pray for one another. The Devil hates it when we love and care for each other. Pray for Janet as she adjusts to Keith’s absence. She told me yesterday on our way home from Keith’s committal that she has lost her driver’s license. Could you perhaps check up on her and see if she needs anything? Tony McCrary is in the Lutheran Home.

Embracing Truth, Pastor