Thursday, September 29

God is good. Today and everyday. And He has been very kind to us. Continue to pray for those of our church family who are hurting. Janet Russell will have foot surgery tomorrow.

We have a Men’s Prayer Breakfast this Saturday morning. If you are not signed up and would like to join us, please let me know by noon Friday so I can prepare.

The time our church had with the Troesters was sweet. They are real heroes in my book. In 2017 they will head back to Mozambique for their third and last term. Let’s surround them with prayer and ask God that these years be especially effective for God’s work and glory in Mozambique.

We have Lord’s Table on Sunday. I am in Galatians 6:1 “Restoring the Fallen.” I think you will find the truth in this text practical and impactful.

Embracing Truth, Pastor