Prayers & Pies

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Tomorrow evening (Wednesday, October 18) is Awana Pie Auction! I have heard good things about the number of pies people are planning to bring. Bring your check book and an appetite and come for a good time! The bidding begins at 7:00 p.m.

A couple of prayer requests: Jean Winkler is driving down to Milwaukee tomorrow evening to catch a Thursday morning flight to Arizona. Pray for safety and blessings as she travels.

Then please pray for Ross Purcell. He has been in much shoulder pain since last Tuesday. They have diagnosed him as “bone on bone with arthritis and inflammation in the joint.” Pray for him as he deals with the pain and doctors decide how to help.

Pray for souls to be saved through our ministries. Pray for those who have hurting families. Pray for those who are grieving. Pray for those who are confused.

Pray for God’s Word to be our priority. Pray for God’s people to be the visible body of Christ in Fond du Lac.

Embracing Truth, Pastor