Pray for the Troesters!

Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for interceding.  We were 2nd in line Monday morning and explained our situation with the director, who called in the Architect.  We then met with the architect who’s first question was, “How can I help you?” as if he didn’t know.  Because of the invasion of those who had cleaned up the area, he called an inspector to go look at the situation with us.  These guys tend to be very good friends of the Architect and “cohorts in crime.” He also called the Secretary of our neighborhood responsible for all that happens in the neighborhood and they talked so that we could all hear.  He explained things well for all to hear.  The man responsible for putting a notice in the paper was finally called in while we were there and “kind of given the OK” to publish our desire to use this abandoned area.  The notice gives anybody from the past an opportunity to come forward and make a claim.  The architect still did not give the official numbers for the land but the man responsible for publishing was going to somehow go ahead and publish.  I am not sure how that is going to work, but this is a very important step.

After the conversation in the Architects office we headed to the land with the fiscal.  Here is the hand of God at work again.  When we arrived at the corner a block away from the land, the inspector spotted the Secretary of our neighborhood on the sidewalk.  We stopped and he then went with us to look at the land.  He explained very clearly that he was in favor of us using the land.  He wanted the request to be published so that there would not be more than one part trying to get the land to avoid this kind of confusion.  The fiscal heard it very clearly in our presence.  Only God could have put the secretary at that exact place at that exact moment and clear up confusion!

Thanks for your prayers!!!!!  We still have a long way to go and will still have to have the Architect sign papers for us, but hopefully he will realize that we too have resources on our side.  The drama will continue on until the end.

May God be glorified for this step.

There still has been no sign of our car from the investigators.  The clutch on Pr Odenilson’s car went out completely on Sunday morning so we were scrambling to get everybody and everything to church on Sunday morning for Pr Odenilson’s reception for their return.  The single Brazilian missionary’s car came to the rescue but the regulars had to get there by bus.  It was good for them, but created some challenges.  God was good through it all.

God makes no mistakes!

Joel Troester