Lloyd Peace prayer letter – January 13, 2013

Lloyd left shortly after 7:30 this morning headed for Chicago. His flight leaves around 8am tomorrow. Our coworker, Dr. Phillips, will meet up with him in Panama City. It is a blessing that they will be able to travel together. On Tuesday, Lloyd is hoping to test fly an airplane like the one he is thinking of purchasing for ministry use. On Wednesday, the two will fly into São Paulo de Olivença where they will spend the night before traveling on to their final destination of Santo Antônio do Içá (SAI). Lloyd is taking quite a few supplies for the retreat with him, so please pray that his two trunks do not get lost in transit.

The youth retreat begins a week from Monday. The teens still do not know that Lloyd is coming, and we are hoping they won’t find out until Thursday when he arrives in SAI. We know as soon as the first teen sees Lloyd, cell phone calls, texting, and postings on Facebook will quickly alert the others  Please continue to pray for the many details that still need to come together before the retreat starts. Pray especially that the teens will be challenged to grow spiritually. Pray for Lloyd and Al as they teach the 18 sessions.

Once the teens know Lloyd is in SAI, I (Athena) will post some updates for those of you who follow our Facebook page. We would also appreciate your prayers for good health and safety as Lloyd travels. He will be gone for 24 days.

In Christ,
Lloyd and Athena Peace