Christmas Greeting from Carolyn Price

Today is Christmas Day!  I know that many won’t get around to reading this until after the holidays, but I just couldn’t resist writing on this very special day of days when we celebrate our Lord and Savior’s birth.  So on that note, may you ALL have a VERY merry Christmas!!

I am so thankful for many things today…
*For learning this morning that my cousin does not have cancer  (What a Christmas present!)
*For my beautiful daughter, son-in-law, and the most adorable grandchildren – to me anyway – that have been placed on this earth! (They have given me such a big heart.)
*For the fact that my parents and brother survived the F5 tornado in May (and for the many – I couldn’t name them all if I tried – who were such a tremendous blessing to me during the entire ordeal.)
*For the “John Newton” that God placed in my life so many years ago.  (You know who you are.)
*For learning that thankfulness isn’t really the shortest emotion known to man. (Becky and Darrel, I’m still so very thankful!)
*For “Project Paidion” – a tremendous challenge to say the least!  We are well over 100 lessons and almost ready to publish our first CD.
*For the awesome privilege it has been to serve here in Bolivia for 26 years!  (This is truly a great testimony to God’s marvelous grace.)
*For the churches and individuals who have made it possible for me to serve in Bolivia all this time. (Yes, that’s all of you!)
*For the many friends who have never given up on me. (To this day, I am still amazed by your faithfulness as my friend down through the years.)
*And for my Heavenly Father who has never given up on me either…which, truth be known, amazes me most of all!  (It makes my soul want to cry out, “Who am I, Lord, that You would love me so?”)

Just sharing my heart with you on this very special day,
Your sister in Christ in Bolivia,