Doug Boisvert is back from Mongolia

I have returned from the first official trip leading a TRI-M team of auxiliary teachers into Mongolia! It was a wonderful trip and very encouraging to see our Mongolian leadership so well organized in choosing a new group of 19 students. They also used the teaching week to outline a schedule to follow up on each student in order to discipline new leadership and evaluate how the students can use the teachings from this past week to benefit their ministries. A great partnership of TRI-M providing the teaching sessions and the Mongolians do the follow-up.

I hope to give you a full report in our next prayer update. However, a few encouraging and challenging facts from the trip would still be in order here.
Many of the students were challenged in the Bible Study Methods course, emphasizing letting the Bible text speak for itself first before moving on to interpretation. This was demonstrated in the courses teaching Genesis 1-11 and Bibliology. By the end of the week, students were sharing that they were returning to their churches and confessing to their people that they had been wrong in preaching and teaching others conclusions and not letting the Bible speak to them first. There was great determination on their faces and humility in their voices as they shared this with the group. These are all first generation believers, both church members and leaders. The leaders, that were our students this past week, shared that this is too important an issue to ignore or be candid about before their people. Truth is Truth and they are needing to ask forgiveness and change how they minister the Word of God!

We also saw God open the door for the Manager of the facility where we met to request the pastors to sing for the staff. After a number of worship songs one pastor smoothly stepped in and preached a clear Gospel message and all 7 responded to be born again and learn to walk with Jesus! It was treated as if that was not a surprising thing God arranged as a result of our being there. What confidence in God-ordained opportunities treated as almost a usual occurrence!

These are just a few of the results of you joining us in prayer. Please continue to pray for Doug as he brought back what might be considered a Mongolian version of the flu and is scheduled to travel to South Sudan the 20th May for teaching and graduation of the first group of students there.

Striving to Serve Christ,
Doug Boisvert, D. Min.
Tri-M Eastern and Central African Director
sent out by Springville Baptist Church, PA
“To this end I also labor, striving according to His working…” (Colossians 1:29)