Voice-Broken by Pastor Leeds

In my experience of rearing children, a few days are watersheds. The most prominent in my mind are potty-trained, driver’s license, and graduation from college. Each of these watersheds grants to the parents a sense of accomplishment and liberty.

Another victory that I celebrated, at least internally, is what I called voice-broken. It was and is a great joy when a small child responds to a simple command with obedience. Sometimes you can even watch the wheels turning in their little minds. “Hmm, he wants me to come to him, but I think I’d rather … but, no, I’ll do what he asks.” Victory! Other times you can watch the child decide to disobey, sometimes by taking off and running exactly in the opposite direction of their obedience.

This week I asked myself this question: am I voice-broken? When I hear my Father’s voice – through reading His Word, in the Spirit’s conviction, in preaching or teaching – how do I respond? What do I do when confronted with God’s truth? Do I obey right away? Do I first consider my options? Do I run in the opposite direction?