Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: My copier is jammed. Wait, you don’t understand. This is also the printer for my computer. A jammed copier means no scanning, order of service work, no committee print offs, no handouts for VBS, no nothing. It means every project I begin has a stopping place. It would seem I can complete nothing this morning!

And then I rebuke myself and remember: God made me and loves me, Jesus died for me and I am His own, I live freely in a wonderful country, I am blessed with family and ministry, and I am physically well. The copier jam is an inconvenience, but I have no reason for anger or even frustration.

Keith Russell went back to St. Agnes on Monday. He was resting well yesterday. He has a staph infection that does not respond to antibiotics. This seems to be making it difficult for him to breath. Please pray for strength and grace for he and Janet.

Sue Struska begins her 6th and last scheduled chemo treatment on Monday.

Lin and I are taking a few vacation days and will not be at Bible study tonight. Doug needs to be gone too. David Olson has agreed to take the adult Bible study and prayer time this evening.

Beth just came in and fixed the copier. I guess I really don’t have a reason to complain.

Embracing Truth, Pastor