Parking for Father’s Day

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I pray you have had a delightful week of serving our Lord Jesus. Lin and I have taken a couple of vacation days this week because we have had the pleasant interruptions of family. Zeke and Hannah are driving back to Montana today and tomorrow, so it’s back to working on summer projects next week.

Rabe Construction put in a very long week on our parking lot. They repaired 2 clear water drains that come off the north end of my office, removed the large bell tower foundation that was under our front yard so we could add parking there, added a green space and drain in the southwest corner of our property, added an interior drain to our parking lot, added two roof downspouts and drains to the south end of the building and tied them to the interior drain, installed sidewalk around the southwest corner of our building, and rebuilt and poured a new sidewalk connecting the parsonage to the parking lot.

The gravel lot is available for parking on Sunday. Be a little careful to not park into the new sidewalk. In the future, when there is blacktop, this won’t be a problem because bumpers will hang over the sidewalk. Right now it would be possible to damage our new sidewalk by parking too close. The east doors will be open for those might prefer to stay off the gravel.

Depending upon the weather, we should have blacktop either next week or the week following. I intend to post pictures on our Trinity Baptist Church Facebook Page.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. I cannot think of a better way to observe this day than hearing God’s Word with God’s people.

Pray for one another.

Embracing Truth,