You Can Get Here From There!

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Large equipment has been roaring around our parking lot for the last two days. The large line bringing drainage into the back of our lot was installed on Monday. Yesterday the two tie-in drains for the building run off and the newly created snow retention area were installed. Gravel is being added and cuts made to bring the lot to newly designed elevations for optimal drainage. The sidewalk area is being prepared. The foundation for the bell tower that previous owners had in our front yard is being hammered out so our parking lot can be expanded in that area. By Sunday, the sidewalk should be poured and the gravel in place and packed down in the shape and elevation of our new lot.

Meanwhile, our lot is not usable today! We will have Bible fellowship and prayer time tonight. Pastor Hanback is in Michigan helping his wife’s brother celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary, so I will bring our adult devotions before we take some time to pray. Those who attend should park at McDermott and come in the east door.

This past Lord’s Day we received $5,210.00 for our parking lot. I rejoice in this for the invoices are going to start coming. Every dollar that we have in hand is a dollar we will not need to borrow. Perhaps you have a gift the Lord would have you to give for this project. Maybe it is a large one-time gift. Perhaps it is a modest weekly gift. Please consider what God might have you do at this time to help us improve the function and beauty of our church.

Embracing Truth,