Oetman prayer letter

Greetings from Seoul, South Korea where we have very little to no SNOW:(  My kids are wishing they were back in the states where everyone seems to be snowed in.  But then again maybe not for they are off of school until January 27th. Long winter breaks here in Korea.

Just wanted to let you know Rob’s shoulder is healing very good, but still gives him pain.  His first appointment after the surgery went ok.  He will go back in January and have an MRI to check things out.  On the bad side while passing out tracks he slipped and has not been able to walk good since then. He went to get it checked out he needs a knee replacement ASAP.  He has no PCL ligament and ACL ligament is severally weakened.  He has really bad osteoarthritis in the right knee. We are waiting on Korean and American insurances to approve the surgery. Please pray that the insurances will cover most if not all the cost of this surgery.

From our last letter Kay (Rob’s mom) only has cancer on one kidney.  So we are praising the Lord for that good report. So sometime in January they will take part of that kidney.  She is still very sore from her fall and has hard time walking. Pray for healing after the surgery as she is also a diabetic.

From Brenda’s side of the family we found out Brenda’s dad, Lyle had to go to hospital mid – December.  He is still there trying to gain his strength back then will be moved to a nursing home.  He has stage 4 cancer.  If he recovers his strength he maybe has 6-12 months left.  If not the doctors don’t expect him to live more than 6 months. We are unsure of his salvation. We know God is the Great Physician and can give him a longer time if He so chooses. We are also praying that this will help Brenda’s sister come to trust in the Lord as her savior.

Robby is presently with another missionary family doing a winter VBS at an orphanage. The VBS will be January 10-12.  Then he hopes to help again at a different orphanage January 17-19.

We praise the Lord we continue to see visitors come out to church. Unfortunately, We will be losing two families this January both do to their jobs moving them some where else.  One is our translator.  We have a fellow that can fill in but only until March.  Pray we can find someone to replace him, we don’t have a lot of Korean’s that need translation but we do have some and would like to continue to offer them translation.

Rob and Brenda