Letter from Sue Kallal

Fall is such a beautiful time here in the Appalachian mountains as God shows His handiwork.  Our church sign reads: “A God who can change the leaves can change lives”!  The people here in Harlan County come to us with lots of baggage – drugs, broken homes, domestic violence, police warrants, and unemployment.  Kids grow up in these homes only to continue this lifestyle into their adult years because that is all they know. Praise God, our Lord and Savior is in the business of changing lives!

This past month God has brought two couples to us.  Ronnie, Marilyn, and their grandson, Dakota, have been attending faithfully on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights.  Also Kelly and Kristy have been attending services and desire to grow in their new found Christian walk. Don’t stop praying! God is answering your prayers as we see our little church growing in number and also spiritually.

Pray with us for upcoming outreach ministries.  The end of this month we have a Hay Ride planned.  We may need to huddle close to the fire as temperatures continue to drop here in the mountains.  In November we plan to begin a movie night each month.  Also, we will have our annual Thanksgiving meal at the church.

Many of you have been giving sacrificially to the ministry here in Bledsoe, Kentucky.  I am so very grateful for your love and generosity that you have shown over the years through prayer and financial support. Thank you for being such an encouragement to me.
Rejoicing in the Lord,
Susie Kallal