Kim Struska – January 1, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Here is Dale’s post from last night: Kim has been set free. She went to be with her Savior on Sunday, December 31, 2017 at 8:45 pm. She died peacefully in her sleep and woke rejoicing in Glory.

God shall wipe away all tears,
There’s no death, no pain, nor fears,
And they count not time by years,
For there is no night there.

Please pray for Dale, Micah, Hannah, Annamary, Isaac, Andrew, and Elias and Kim’s extended family. We rejoice to know that Kim is alive today in an a cancer-free place in a cancer-free body. We sorrow not for Kim, but we pray for those who are hurting.

Be kind to your wife. Hug your kids. Read your Bible. On this first day of 2018, know that God is still God.

Embracing Truth, Pastor