Here a Little for February 9, 2014

Monday – read Matthew 5:11-12
Contrast “you” and “they” as used in these verses.

Tuesday – read Matthew 5:13
How does salt impact what it contacts?

Wednesday – read Matthew 5:14-16
How is light different from darkness? How are believers different from non-believers?

Thursday – read Matthew 5:14-16
How might you keep your light where people can see it?

Friday – read Matthew 5:17-18
What is promised to us concerning God’s Word?

Saturday – read Matthew 5:19-20
Describe the righteousness that gets entry into the kingdom of heaven.

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Keyboard: Jan Martin, Christa Martin, Naiza Delica, Amber Shaeffer, Amy Braker, Dan Leeds
Our church music is strongly influenced by our keyboards and those who play them. Speak with Jan Martin if you believe you should join this ministry.

Church-supported Missionary: Lloyd & Athena Peace: Julia, Jessica, Jacob, Lucas
They minister in Amazonia, Brazil in areas surrounding Manaus.
Lloyd has purchased a plane, obtained his Brazilian pilot’s license, and is building a hangar. He intends to use it to aid ministry up river by saving much transportation time.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Randy & Jan Martin
Randy is a Roberts Homes agent. Jan is an occupational therapist with Agnesian.
Randy works with our sound system and Jan leads our keyboard and special music ministries. They are both members of our worship and school committees and lead a homebuilders.

Rory & Christa Martin, Tyler, Reece, Easton, and Savannah
Rory is a pastor at TBC leading in teaching, TBS, Homebuilders, Christian Education, Youth, and IT areas.
Christa helps lead our Mom Time and is an Awana leader.
Tyler, Reece Easton, and Savannah attend TBS.