2013 Bible Conference Audio

Our 2013 Bible Conference featured church historian and Maranatha professor Dr. David Saxon. Dr. Saxon did an excellent job teaching us regarding five influential reformers and the doctrines that moved them to take such a heroic stand for truth. The audio we were able to capture from the conference is available below. Unfortunately, two technological glitches prevented a couple of the services from being recorded; we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Also, Dr. Saxon gave some time for questions at the end of both of the last two sessions; therefore, there are times at the end of the audio where there are prolonged periods of silence while the question is being asked.

1. Huldrych Zwingli and Sole Authority of Scripture – (audio unavailable)

2. Martin Luther and Justification by Faith Alone

3. William Tyndale and the Priesthood of the Believer – (audio unavailable)

4. John Knox and the Sovereignty of God

5. Balthasar Hubmaier and Individual Soul Liberty