Prayer Requests from Bergens in Brechin, Scotland

Dear Prayer Warriors,
I am writing asking for special prayer at this time.  We have several requests…
1)      My father(Pastor Leon Leeds) had open heart surgery (triple by-pass) three weeks ago, he got home on the Friday and ended up taking my stepmom to the hospital the following Wednesday where she had her appendix out.  They are both at home, healing and caring for each other.
2)      My  father -in-law (Pastor Elden Bergen) is having heart problems.  They are doing tests, but will probably put in a pacemaker some time in the near future.
3)      Our daughter-in-law (Talon’s wife, Emilie – they are in Fairbanks, Alaska where Talon is stationed for the US Army) is nine months pregnant and having problems with high blood pressure.  Her due date is the 27th , so wee one could come any time now and as far as they are concerned the sooner the better!
(It is hard being here, miles and miles away when you want to be there helping in each of these situations….)
4)      Just received a phone call from one of our elderly members that his wife passed away this morning.   He is a believer and has really grown in the last few years of learning from God’s word.  His wife has made fun of him for going to church for years, but recently came with him on several occasions.
Needless to say, we are feeling overwhelmed at this time with Christmas next week we have several programs at the schools, both to watch and to help out in.   For example, Jon is with the grieving gentleman at this time and then in half an hour goes to the high school for two hours to be with the kids there, only to turn around from there and go to the funeral home to help the family plan the funeral, and from there to our evening Bible study.  When I told him goodbye a bit ago, I reminded him he needed to breathe!!
THANK you in advance for your prayers.  We know there are many times when we want to quit and just give up, that your prayers make the difference.  Thank you for being there for us and for praying!
May we take this time to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.  I love what the angel told Mary:   Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible! What a joy it is to serve the God of the impossible!
Your Bridge to Brechin, Scotland,
Jon Bergen family