Wednesday, August 16th – Sue Struska

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: We have much to pray about. Jean Rosenthal has back surgery today to remove some bone spurs that are causing pain and weakness in her legs.

Sue Struska had surgery yesterday. Here is a partial reprint of the Facebook post Sue Struska’s children have placed on a page titled: Sue Struska – Health Updates: “Today was the hysterectomy and bowel resection. The surgeon took out as much of the tumor as possible. Part of the tumor had grown into her intestine which is what was causing the bowel obstruction. The initial pathology report states that the tumor is adenocarcinoma. The tissue that was taken out of the abdominal cavity today is cancerous. Sue’s body will need to heal for about 1 week in the hospital just from the abdominal surgery itself, not counting the other issues she is dealing with. As one medical professional in the room stated, ‘She’s got a lot going on.’ Chemotherapy is recommended to wipe out the rest of the cancer cells that are in the abdomen. It was suggested that would be 3-6 months of chemo treatments. We will know more details about what that regimen will look like after the final pathology report comes back.”

Needless to say, we must pray. Here are the praises and prayer requests on that page: “PRAISE that she woke up after surgery without needing any medicine to support her blood pressure as she has needed in the past. PRAISE that family is able to be at her bedside as that seems to be the one thing that lifts her spirits. PRAISE for pain and sedation meds that are allowing her to rest after surgery. PRAY that the doctors get all the results they need to make good decisions moving forward. PRAY that Sue is able to breathe on her own tomorrow so that the breathing tube can be discontinued. PRAY that Sue wakes up gently and has as little pain as possible as she comes out from under sedation tomorrow.”

School at TBS begins tomorrow. Pray for God to be glorified in our unity and reflection of His character.

Missionary Nestor Lubuguin will be reporting to our church at the 7p service tonight.

Embracing Truth, Pastor