Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family, Wow. It does not feel or look like April 4th – more like February 4th. But I know it’s April because Jean is on her way home from Arizona!

Praise the Lord for good news from Bonnie Fiebig! Last Thursday she had a procedure done with the goal of resolving the great pin her has been experiencing. The procedure had the possibility of taking away sight from one of her eyes. The procedure was successful and her eye is just fine. When I saw her Sunday she was being weaned off the pain meds she has been on and was hoping to make it back home and to a normal life soon. Please thank God for this good news. She is at Manor Care on National Avenue.

Tonight is Awana Grand Prix. There will be no Bible study at the parsonage or activities at the church on Johnson Street. The Grand Prix is at the gym at 20 East Arndt Street. Hamburgers and hot dogs are available at 5:30p. Car weigh-in is a 6:00p. The races begin at 6:30p. I am told we have over 70 cars entered. Come to see Race Track Manager Curt Carter’s 4031 entry. (see Isaiah 40:31)

Over a dozen ladies from Trinity Baptist are going to join 600 ladies at the Green Lake Conference Center for the Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches Ladies’ Retreat. Pray for safety on the roads and a spiritually refreshing time for the ladies who attend.

Saturday is Men’s Prayer Breakfast. If you are not signed up and would like to attend, let me know by Friday noon so I can properly prepare.

Pray for one another. Pray that God’s Word be bigger than me or anyone else as we come together for the purpose of His glory this Lord’s Day. This Lord’s Day I am going to preach a one-sermon topical sermon about our church. I am doing this in part because of the changes taking place in our school. I encourage you to be in your place.

Embracing Truth, Pastor