Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I rejoice for the opportunity we had to participate in Keith Russell’s memorial service. Over 100 people were in attendance. Relatives came from all over the country. Friends from Trinity Baptist, from other churches they have attended as well as many friends from the community came to remember Keith’s life. The congregational singing was inspiring. I felt great liberty in ministry as I preached on our image-bearing responsibilities from Psalm 8.

Pray for Janet to be comforted and for grace for her as she makes the necessary adjustments in her life.

Sue Struska entered the hospital yesterday with plans to receive her 6th chemo treatment. Because of pain in her abdomen and back and a cough, the treatment was delayed while they ran some tests. The oncologist told them today that he feels that her pain is a result of tiny blood blots throughout her body. He also told them that he sees no sign of the tumor or cancer and that a 6th chemo will not be needed at this time. Bill and Sue will stay at the hospital until they can get rid of her pain. She was having an ultrasound today.

Continue to pray for health and healing for Kim Struska. Pray for children to attend and for effective ministry at both our VBS this next week and the mission trip VBS in Sturgeon Bay the following week.

Sarah will leave Brechin, Scotland to begin her trek back home about 10:30p tonight our time. Pray for safety and secure connections. She and I hope to be back from O’Hare in time for church tomorrow evening.

Embracing Truth, Pastor