Thursday, October 20

Our hearts are heavy today as we hurt with those who are hurting. Our friend and long-time church member Kathy Rose passed away yesterday morning. As you know, she had struggled with the effects of Type 1 diabetes for decades. Recently she and Wayne have been told that her heart was not doing well and that there was little that the doctors could do. Though it all, Kathy maintained a joyful and kind spirit. Pray for wisdom and grace for Wayne. Pray for God’s goodness to be apparent to Kathy’s family. Arrangements are being made today. I will let you know how we can help when I know more.

Dick Winkler is getting still weaker. They are currently looking for a hospice location for him. Jean has offered to read to Dick any notes she receives. If Dick has been a blessing to you, consider sending a note to and Jean will read it to Dick. I am praying that God might yet do a miracle in giving Dick’s body strength to fight this cancer. More than that though, I am praying that Dick and Jean might glorify God in depending upon Jesus for grace and strength.

We rejoice in the good support at last night’s Awana Pie Auction. We received $2,400 that will go to Joel and Joanie Troester for purchasing Bible teaching materials for children’s ministries in Mozambique, Africa. Praise the Lord!

On the Lord’s Day, we will continue our walk through Galatians in the morning and Exodus in the evening. In Sunday School we are studying Leviticus and Ezra/Nehemiah. Come worship with the family of God.

Embracing Truth,