Thursday, April 7

I was encouraged this morning to hear that the weather is going to turn warmer next week. It is sad how much I allow my spirit to be affected by sunshine! But let me rejoice with you concerning something much more important than the weather: I praise God for the wonderful opportunity I had this week to listen to the Word of God taught. I am so thankful for the ministry of Kevin and Debbie Bauder at Trinity Baptist. My heart was greatly warmed by the personal fellowship and by Dr. Bauder excellent pulpit ministry.

Eight ladies from Trinity Baptist are attending the WFBC Ladies’ Retreat tomorrow and Saturday. Pray that they might be edified and encouraged. The retreat is planning on over 400 ladies at this event.

Jeremy Shaeffer is our preacher this Sunday morning. His text is Ephesians 5 and his topic is Function/Submission within the family. On Sunday, April 17th, we are going to take the morning service to ordain Jeremy. We rejoice in the good ministry this man of God has among us and we look forward to recognizing God’s directing in his life.

Pray for one another. Suzanne Goldapske called me this week asking for prayer for her son Kevin. He and his fiance are not well – Kevin has a brain tumor. Lydia Spoor is home. Continue to pray for her strength. Kim Struska has an upcoming MRI that will let them know if this current chemo cocktail is working to control her tumor. Pray for health and strength for Kathy Rose. Roger Marsh will have rotator cuff surgery on April 20th. Pray for wisdom for our church especially in upcoming Finance/School Committee meetings. I guess this list could go on and on.

We are going to baptize Autumn Abell on Sunday!

See you in church! Embracing Truth,